County Judge Doyal desperately deflects: go after local school spending and not us

Conroe, February 27 – County Judge Craig Doyal has made clear that his War Against The Taxpayers (“WATTS”) now includes a desperate attempt to divert attention away from the County government spending explosion over which he’s presided to local school districts instead. Doyal has repeatedly stressed that the Montgomery County portion of citizens’ tax bills is only 16% and he’s even asked Tammy McRae, Montgomery County’s Tax Assessor-Collector to try to emphasize that fact in annual tax bills.

It’s an age old technique of big-spending government advocates: try to blame someone else. Doyal doesn’t want to show any leadership on government spending. Rather, he just wants citizens to leave him alone and to point the finger at the school districts.

In 1996, United States Senator Phil Gramm, in a speech in College Station, predicted that the United States would collapse financially if local, state, and federal spending continued to grow. He observed that when citizens confront their local governments, the elected “leaders” try to place the blame on the state and federal governments. Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Meador tried to blame “unfunded state mandates” for the County’s spending woes during the February 14, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting. When citizens confront the federal government, members of Congress suggest that “belt-tightening must begin at home.”

Clearly, citizens must begin at home, where they have the most influence and require the Montgomery County government to show some leadership. The Citizens Budget Committee, a group of local citizens, is working diligently to propose a Fiscal Year 2018 County Budget that will reduce spending by $100 million but increase law enforcement and road and bridge spending by $40 million. With those types of careful budget reductions, citizens and the County leadership will have the moral authority to go to other taxing and spending jurisdictions and expect the same from them.

On July 27, Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks confronted The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher and told him that he should leave the County alone and focus his efforts on the “bloated” Conroe Independent School District.

On the February 28, 2017, Commissioners Court Agenda, Doyal has revealed that he doesn’t even have the courage to question spending by the local school districts of Montgomery County. Rather, he’s seeking to deflect to the state level to obtain “state school finance reform.”

If Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley, Mike Meador, Jim Clark, James Noack, and Doyal’s county attorney Jerry Don “Ice Man” Lambright seek to show leadership on the critical issue facing Montgomery County citizens – and the nation – then they should show that they can REDUCE government spending right here at home in our own backyard. Then Doyal and colleagues can march over to the school districts, the hospital district, the WRUD #1, or wherever Doyal wishes to go and, literally, save the future of the United States for our children and grandchildren.



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