County Judge Doyal displays Harvey callousness, lies to commercial realtors about Tx-249 Tollway

County Judge Doyal displays Harvey callousness, lies to commercial realtors about Tx-249 Tollway

Image: Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal (left, but then-County Commissioner, Precinct 2) with Jay Adams, August 2, 2013.

Conroe, November 10 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal delivered a speech to the Commercial Real Estate Association of Montgomery County on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, which made many of the realtors and businesspeople in attendance wonder if Doyal has spent any time at all in Montgomery County during the past 25 years. Doyal told the group that he’s “a fourth generation resident with deep roots.”

The attendees were appalled at Doyal’s insensitivity to more than 4,000 families in Montgomery County who lost their homes due to the San Jacinto River Authority-induced flooding during Tropical Storm Harvey in late August and early September. When Doyal spoke about the Harvey flooding to the group of approximately one hundred people, there was a hushed silence as he made light of the terrible disaster which befell the people of this community.

“We had a little rainstorm here recently,” Doyal began. The county judge then claimed that “we’re getting better about trying to identify good construction practices” and bragged that only three percent (3%) 0f Montgomery County homes flooded in 2017 during Harvey, while 5% of County homes flooded during the October, 1994, flooding. Doyal didn’t mention that thousands of homes were destroyed, thousands of families lost everything they owned, and the losses during Harvey are staggering compared to those during 1994.

Doyal tried to claim that the San Jacinto River Authority is working with the County government and other entities to enhance flood warnings and “be more proactive about flooding.” Doyal failed to tell the realtors that SJRA has a statutory duty under its Enabling Act “to provide flood control” which it has abjectly failed to do during the entirety of SJRA’s 88-year history. Doyal also failed to identify that his closest friends and political and financial supporters are engineering firms with strong economic relationships with SJRA, such as Halff Associates, the firm of Doyal’s best friend and business partner Bobby Jack Adams.

Doyal sounded as though Montgomery County families live in this community for no reason other than to support the commercial development upon which Doyal’s engineering cohorts thrive. “We do have to have rooftops to have commercial development so if you’re in residential, hats off to you,” Doyal callously told the audience. “Commercial development is what pays the bills, so I’m aggressive with tax abatements.”

Doyal then openly lied to the audience and told them “I’m not a big tollroad fan, but Texas Department of Transportation tells us if we wait for them to build the [249 Tollway] toll road, it will be ten years…The people in Magnolia are really excited…There is no other funding mechanism so we have to find ways to meet the needs…”

Doyal did not tell the audience the truth:

  • Tx-DOT has told State Representative Mark Keough (R-The Woodlands) and Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack that it would build the Tx-249 Extension without Montgomery County’s participation.
  • If Montgomery County withdrew from the Tx-249 Tollway project, it would cause no more than an 18 month delay, according to Tx-DOT.
  • Tx-DOT has funding available for the Tx-249 Extension from federal highway grants.
  • The people of Magnolia overwhelmingly oppose the Tx-249 Tollway. They don’t want a tollroad. They don’t want that tollroad in particular because it will cause additional traffic congestion problems.
  • The Tx-249 Tollway is a road to nowhere, through vacant pastureland, that will only benefit a few real estate developers who have made large contributions to Doyal’s criminal legal defense fund and to his political campaign. The other primary beneficiaries of the Tx-249 Tollway are engineering firms who are managing Doyal’s criminal legal defense fund.

Doyal should work on trying to control the factual content of the noises emanating from his mouth.



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