County GOP Chairman Wilkerson cancels, postpones Executive Committee meeting for fear of losing power to Republican citizens

County GOP Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr.

Conroe, June 10 – Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr., has canceled and postponed the County Executive Committee meeting which he scheduled for Tuesday, June 19, 2018, for fear of losing power to Republican citizens through a series of proposed changes to the Bylaws of the Republican Party, which a group of elected Republican Precinct Chairs have introduced. The Bylaws changes would put the management and operation of the Republican Party of Montgomery County squarely in the hands of the elected Precinct Chairs and remove the possibility that an autocratic County Chairman could rule the Party as a dictatorship.

Two of the leading conservative Republican Precinct Chairmen behind the proposed Bylaws change, Reagan Reed of Precinct 50 (Willis) and John Hill Wertz of Precinct 69 (Alden Bridge) issued this statement Saturday night:

“This appears to be an attempt by opponents of the bylaws reform to buy more time as they realize that the response to the reforms has been overwhelmingly positive and they are concerned they don’t have the votes to stop it. Precinct chairs see the benefit of choosing the officers of the executive committee themselves, and having a more decentralized, open, and fair approach to party leadership that will allow them to have more input in how the party is run.

“The proposal was inspired by Travis County’s bylaws that were in use when James Dickey was county chair, and is loosely based off them.  However, there are still substantial differences between Travis County’s 2016 bylaws and our current proposal. Many hours of editing and brainstorming went into this proposal by a number of conservatives, and it is uniquely tailored to our needs here in Montgomery County.  

“While Travis County’s bylaws were revised after Dickey left, the claim that Travis County’s new bylaws are similar to Montgomery County’s current bylaws is not accurate. Travis County’s new bylaws still require party officers (Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) to be elected by the precinct chairs, just like our proposal and unlike the current MCRP bylaws.

“The principles that inspired our bylaws reform are universal: decentralization, checks and balances, and transparency.  We believe our proposal for an open and inclusive approach to party leadership will revitalize the party like never before and allow us to crush the Democrats (sic) in November.

“Many chairs were involved in putting together this proposal, and it currently has broad support across the executive committee.  We look forward to continued dialogue with our fellow precinct chairs and the public about the facts and merits of this proposal.”

One particularly controversial aspect of the proposed Bylaws changes would require that all paid staff of the County Republican Party would answer to and work directly for the Republican Precinct Chairs. That provision, which the conservative Republicans clearly have directed towards melinda fredricks, the liberal executive secretary of the County Republican Party, who receives approximately $30,000 of donated funds, rarely works in the Party Headquarters, and has prevented conservative candidates in Republican Primary Elections from equal use of the Party’s website. While fredricks, who is the wife of lame duck Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks, has consistently claimed she is “Pro-Life” and “conservative,” she has consistently voted against efforts by conservative Republican activists to require Republican candidates and elected servants to follow the Republican Party of Texas Platform.

Fundamentally, adherence to the Platform is the issue over which Wilkerson and the elected Precinct Chairs are fighting. Wilkerson has never supported the idea of requiring Republican candidates to observe the Platform but rather he has welcomed anyone into the Republican Party who is willing to call himself or herself a “Republican.” For example, in 1995, life-long democrat Doyal announced he was switching to the Republican Party, because “I want to win.” Doyal switched at the same time as his boss, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Malcolm Purvis. (There is nothing wrong with people switching their Party allegiance as long as they’re supporters of the Party Platform. In practice, Purvis clearly did support the Republican Party Platform, while Doyal has consistently voted as a liberal pro-government-expansion democrat who has run as a “Republican” in order “to win.”)

The conservative Republican Precinct Chairs, who gained a majority of the County Party Executive Committee in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, now wish to enact Bylaws changes so that the Republican Party will operate “from the ground up with respect to the citizens,” as Precinct 50 Chairman Reagan Reed explained during the Friday, June 8, 2018, edition of “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular television show allied with this newspaper on Facebook and YouTube at MCP.TV.

Wilkerson clearly sees the writing on the wall that he’s about to lose control of the Republican Party to elected conservatives who support the Republican Party Platform and expect the local Republican Party to follow the Platform as well. The postponement of the meeting is clearly an effort by Wilkerson to gather opposition to the proposed Bylaws changes. Wilkerson’s memorandum announcing cancellation and postponement of the County Executive Committee meeting follows.



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