Constitution Party names Van Eaton as Montgomery County Coordinator

Kristi Van Eaton, Montgomery County Coordinator for the Constitution Party.

Porter, April 29 – The Constitution Party of Texas, a small third party, has named Porter resident Kristin Van Eaton as its Montgomery County Coordinator. The State Chairman of the Party, Daniel New, is also a Montgomery County resident whom some may remember as a vocal candidate for the Republican nomination for the Eighth Congressional District seat in the United States Congress from which Congressman Jack Fields (R-Humble) retired and which Congressman Kevin Brady (R-The Woodlands) won.

The Constitution Party began in 1992. Its founder is Howard Phillips who served in the Nixon administration as Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity and later as Chairman of the Conservative Caucus, a national conservative political action committee. Phillips explained at the time, “The day is coming when conservatives in this country are going to wake up and realize that the Republicans have been playing them for suckers for decades.  They are going to get angry, and when they realize that reform from within is impossible, they are going to need a party of their own.  We need to build that party for them so it will be ready when they are.”

New observed this past week, “”There was a time when the Democrats controlled this county and a Republican couldn’t get elected.  Today it’s the other way around.  And yet, the same families are still in power.  And as the population has grown, the corruption seems to grow with it.  Do you ever wonder why that is?”

According to Van Eaton, “It’s not going to change until we start doing things differently.  Falling for the same promises over and over hasn’t worked.”

Sadly, Van Eaton and New might be incorrect. Citizens, who have chosen comfort over vigilance, have fallen for the same promises over and over again, despite the fact that our County government is failing in its mission. Many political activists are unwilling to abandon the Republican Party. Hence, the vast majority of Tea Party conservatives – and real fiscal conservatives – remain Republicans.

The little Constitution Party will face many challenges in Montgomery County, one of the strongest Republican counties in the United States.




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