Constable Rowdy Hayden’s Precinct 4 Arrest Blotter

Constable Rowdy Hayden and an important constituent.

New Caney, February 15 – 2/9/17 around 5:42pm PCT 4 responded to a suspicious vehicle call in the Oakhurst subdivision in Porter. During the investigation one of the males was identified by his Texas DL as West-Goggins, Deshaun 3/11/1981 from Humble. After checking for warrants, Goggins showed to have two active class C misdemeanor warrants out of JP# 4 for speeding and violation promise to appear. Goggins was taken into custody.

2/10/17 around 4:45pm PCT 4 responded to a family violence call in Porter. The reportee stated the couple had been dating over a year and a verbal argument became physical when the reportee wanted to leave him. The suspect, identified as Clark, Taylor 7/6/1997 from Porter, allegedly struck the reportee on the head with his fist, leaving two lumps and bruising on her forehead, then grabbed her neck with both hands and pushed her down. The reportee was able to free herself from Clark and was then struck on the left side of her face, by a metal grinder commonly used for marijuana, causing a laceration, bleeding and bruising. Clark left the home and refused to return after speaking with the deputy on the phone, but was located hiding inside of a truck parked at a neighborhood pond. The reportee stated there was a history of unreported family violence and that she did not want to prosecute or apply for a protective order on Clark. Due to the safety of the reportee and a history of unreported violence, Clark was arrested for a class A misdemeanor for assault causing bodily injury.

2/10/17 around 7:45pm PCT 4 conducted an investigation in Porter. Verbal consent to search the interior of the home was given. Deputies located a white plastic grocery bag lying on the couch, inside the bag, which contained a digital scale with a clear crystal like residue was found along with a clear plastic bag containing approximately 2 oz. of crystal rocks which field tested positive for methamphetamine. Tolar, Kristin 8/27/1988 from Kingwood was arrested for a first degree felony 1 charge for manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance.

2/11/17 around 5:30pm PCT 4 conducted a traffic stop in New Caney. Aware of an active warrant for arrest on a certain female, the deputy conducted a traffic stop after passing a vehicle in which the female was a passenger. The passenger was identified by her Texas DL as Conway, Kelly 7/21/1969 from New Caney and arrested for a misdemeanor warrant for motion to revoke.

2/12/17 around 9:00am PCT 4 conducted a traffic stop in New Caney. The driver was identified by his Texas ID as Gant, Jr., Clint 1/27/1981 from Humble. Gant was placed into custody after confirming an active warrant for a third degree felony charge of driving while intoxicated 3rd or more.

2/13/14 around 10:45am PCT 4 conducted a traffic stop in New Caney. The driver, identified as Stokos, Lisa 4/2/1979 was taken into custody after confirming she had an active class B misdemeanor warrant out of Montgomery County for theft of service >$100<$750.



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