Constable Hayden’s Bank Watch Initiative results in Davis’ capture, felony theft charges

Felony thief Kedric Davis.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

New Caney, December 12 – With “bank jugging” and vehicle break-ins being an ongoing issue, Precinct 4 Montgomery County Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden initiated a Bank Watch Initiative to identify suspects involved and ultimately prevent these crimes from occurring in our area.

On December 8, 2022, Precinct 4 Detectives and Deputies were able to identify, investigate and arrest a suspect observed watching several banks in our area. The suspect identified as Kedric Davis, 28 years of age from Houston, was charged with felony theft of precious metal and misdemeanor criminal attempt – with prior convictions, with the prior convictions to include burglary of a motor vehicle and aggravated robbery convictions.

Constable Hayden stated, “It is my belief and that of the District Attorney’s Office that a serious crime was prevented due to the efforts to investigate and prevent these types of crimes.”



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