Constable Gable’s team arrests shoplifting heroin users

Trey Arteaga: who would ever have guessed that he had recently taken heroin?!

Spring, March 30 – Deputies with Montgomery County Constable Precinct 3 office responded to a shoplifter in custody at the Walmart located at 2901 Riley Fuzzell Rd, Spring, TX.  Dustin Harris was detained by Walmart loss prevention for shoplifting less than $100 worth of merchandise.

Dustin Harris received a citation for theft.  While Deputy Mixon was talking to Dustin Harris, he attempted to discard a syringe and needle.  While Deputy Mixon was interviewing Dustin, Deputy Bridges located Dustin’s car that had a passenger in the car later identified as Trey Arteaga.

Both individuals had signs of recent injection sites and admitted to recently using heroin and stated that there was heroin in the car.  Deputies recovered the heroin and filed charges on Trey and Dustin for possession of a controlled substance.

If you know someone who needs help with drug addiction, please contact Montgomery County substance abuse treatment program or other substance abuse program.



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