Conservative leaders Cook, Russell present Montgomery County “Nepotism Chart” on May 4 “It’s Hammer Time” TV show

A full picture of Montgomery County nepotism. Sickening, isn’t it? The presenting artists are renowned conservative political activists Kelli Cook and Ginger Russell.

Conroe and The Woodlands, May 5 – Outspoken conservative political activists Kelli Cook and Ginger Russell presented their full “Nepotism Chart” for the Montgomery County government on the Friday, May 4, 2018, edition of the “It’s Hammer Time” television show on Facebook Live, MCP.TV. Readers may watch the entire show on Facebook under the MCP.TV page.

Cook, who is the Gulf Coast Regional Chair for the Campaign For Liberty, and Russell, who is a public education expert and a conservative Republican Precinct Chair from the Magnolia area, explained many of the nepotistic relationships within the corrupt County government.

Cook and Russell began with corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport whom they referred to as “Sworn Deputy Puppet Master Davenport” in a reference to the fact that JP James Metts has introduced Davenport as his “sworn deputy” at County government employee meetings. Davenport has direct connections underneath his grasping puppet master control:

  • County Judge Craig Doyal, who takes Davenport’s direction, particularly on County purchasing and information technology decisions
  • Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, a former member of the Davenport Ring of politicians who take their direction from Davenport
  • Metts, whom Cook and Russell referred to as “Logger/Piemaker/Sex Harasser Metts”
  • Stephanne Davenport, the disgraced outgoing Montgomery County Treasurer, whom Cook and Russell introduced as “Bridge of Davenport.”

Cook and Russell explained that only two members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court are free of nepotism, Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark and Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack. Under Clark, however, is an aunt of Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden whom Clark’s predecessor, Commissioner Ed Rinehart, hired as a receptionist.

Hayden is a close political associate of Metts. Metts’ wife, Jennifer Hayden, is a County employee in the East Montgomery County Senior Center. She brought a substantial overtime claim against the County government for having to work on many occasions during her half-hour lunch break, as the senior citizens often needed help with their lunches. Hayden’s mother, Jerry Sue Hayden, works in Metts’ JP office.

Metts has two additional major nepotistic relationships. First, Metts’ live-in girlfriend, Diane Rogers, is a direct report to Metts in his court office as his Juvenile Court Coordinator. Second, Metts hired his cousin, Jane Metts Landers, to work in his court office as well.

Underneath Doyal and Stephanne Davenport, the “Bridge of Davenport,” is Doyal’s daughter whom Davenport hired to work in her Treasurer’s Office. Many of Doyal’s policies on the Commissioners Court have been geared to protecting the salary and benefits of his daughter in the Treasurer’s Office.

Also underneath Doyal is his so-called “chief of staff” jim fredricks, who has perfected the art of napping and rarely appears in the County government’s offices, despite his wages in excess of $100,000 per year (plus benefits). fredricks’ wife is melinda fredricks who receives approximately $35,000 from the County Republican Party out of contributed funds from volunteer activists who don’t realize her excessive compensation for doing almost nothing.

One of the biggest messes under Doyal is the Building Maintenance Department under Doyal’s close friend Paul Case. Case’s son is Craig Case who directly reports to his father as a welder making approximately $97,000 per year (plus benefits). Doyal and Paul Case have tried to hide Case’s son as a direct-report to his father by placing his salary under the County Engineer’s Office in the County Salary Survey, although Craig Case’s business card reflects that he works out of his father’s office at the Building Maintenance Department.

The Building Maintenance Department also includes:

  • Bill Meador, the brother of Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador
  • Rob Wright, his wife, and his son
  • the Cuevas family
  • a pair of brothers
  • Angela Ford, the director of light bulb installations and the daughter of Mike Meador’s infamous secretary Jule Puckett, who was the highest-paid secretary in the history of Montgomery County.

Working for Riley is his nephew, a direct report to his uncle in the Commissioners Precinct Office. Riley, of course, is most famous for the “Riley 2-Step” in which Riley created a $58,000 per year job in the Precinct 5 Constable’s Office and then filled that job with his wife, Deanne Riley.

Of course, Riley is also well known for his use of the financial resources of the Magnolia Independent School District and his campaigning at school facilities through the so-called “Charlie Riley Band” which includes the Magnolia ISD Superintendent and a bass drum that has Riley’s campaign logo.

It is unbelievable but true that with all of the above corruption and nepotism, Cook and Russell only began to scratch the surface of Montgomery County government nepotism and corruption.

(Advil or Tylenol are appropriate analgesics after reading this article.)



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