Conservative hero Ham’s DWI case dismissed for lack of evidence, liberal news media ignores truth

Conservative hero Ham’s DWI case dismissed for lack of evidence, liberal news media ignores truth

Image: Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham, both an accomplished fisherman and an accomplished conservative, faces an uphill battle for re-election to the Conroe City Council, after the local liberal news media continues to seek to slam him over criminal charges even after they’re dropped for lack of evidence.

Conroe, June 24 – The Courier blog and many other local news outlets, all part of the liberal news media, have continued to slam Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham for a “pending” DWI criminal case, even after Judge Keith Stewart, Presiding Judge of County Court at Law Number 5 dismissed the case for lack of evidence almost three weeks ago (on June 5, 2020). Ham, a renowned conservative on the City Council, suffered another negative article from the Courier blog yesterday in which the blog alleged in writing that “the case is pending” when, of course, the newspaper failed to report the dismissal.

District Attorney Brett Ligon’s office filed the motion to dismiss the pending driving while intoxicated charge against Ham, which both that office and many local media outlets had given enormous public attention, after Ligon’s prosecutors were unable to gather evidence which proved the case against the Councilman. Specifically, this newspaper has confirmed that blood samples revealed that Ham was substantially below the legal limit for intoxication when the arrest occurred. Ham had protested that he was not intoxicated when the arrest occurred but the arresting deputy constable and Ligon’s office pressed forward with the charges nonetheless.

Many Conroe area conservatives revere Ham for his work in bringing attention to the price gouging of Conroe residents by the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA). Ham was the first public official in Montgomery County to accuse SJRA of engaging in monopolistic practices.

Ham has also voted against excessive spending by the City of Conroe during budget workshops and during formal hearings on the city’s budget.

In an exclusive interview with this newspaper, Ham said, “I have fixed problems for people when big government has tried to run them over and won’t back down when the little people, as they call them, are stepped on. Small government is the answer, not big government, which is why I continue to support fire and police, since all lives matter.”

Ham was also the first public official to speak openly in criticism of the “Davenport Ring,” the group of elected officials who used to take their direction from local political consultant Marc Davenport.

“I’m proud of my record on the Conroe City Council. I appreciate the work of Judge Stewart in dismissing my case and of the assistant district attorney who recognized my case merited dismissal without further charges against me,” Ham said. “That’s how the criminal justice system should work.”



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