Conservative business group endorses Woodlands Township candidates Dotson, Hannon, questions eligibility of Rieser

Conservative business group endorses Woodlands Township candidates Dotson, Hannon, questions eligibility of Rieser

Image: One of the two candidates for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors whom the Texas Pro-Business Coalition has endorsed is Dr. Dan Hannon, a retired Methodist preacher.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, October 9 – The Texas Pro-Business Coalition Political Action Committee (TXPBC) has endorsed Dr. Dan Hannon for The Woodlands Township Board, Position 4, in the November 3, 2020, General Election, the group with organizations in Montgomery, Harris, and Fort Bend counties announced yesterday. TXPBC also endorsed Chief Jimmie Dotson for The Woodlands Township Board, Position 2.

TXPBC’s President, Danny Signorelli explained, “While not alone among conservative political action committees, TXPBC is among the few that was developed and founded by conservative, common-sense business people who are dedicated to electing political and governmental leaders who recognize that local business in America supports the economy.”

Signorelli said, “We are so honored to endorse potential Board members of this caliber.” He said further, “Dr. Hannon is a well-experienced candidate with a fiscally conservative plan for the Township and unmatched qualifications compared to the incumbent he seeks to unseat.  Hannon has his heart and mind in the right place, is a long-time resident of the Woodlands, does not seek power and control for ego or personal gain, is both strong and kind, is an independent thinker and is strongly against creating a wasted layer of government and higher taxes. Hannon will protect our hometown.”

Of Dotson, Signorelli said, “Chief Jimmie Dotson is one of the most qualified candidates to come along in a Township race in many years.” He continued, “Jimmie’s experience, along with a fiscally conservative plan for the Board, and qualifications that are second to none, make him the best choice for Position 2. Ultimately, his attention to the fiscal duties of The Woodlands Township will protect us from waste and out of control tax increase.”

Chief Jimmie Dotson.

TXPBC stated in its endorsement that “Jimmie Dotson has a 46-year distinguished career as leader and public servant. Dotson has served as a Marine; Executive Assistant Chief of Police at Houston Police Department; Chief of Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Chief of Police for Houston ISD. He is a 30-year resident of The Woodlands. Dotson clearly excels in Law Enforcement experience. He wrote the police and safety management plan for The Woodlands Township in 2007 that is still used today.”

Signorelli said, “Chief Jimmie Dotson will be the only Township Director with any experience in Law Enforcement, skills which are badly needed to manage the Township’s current $13+ million public safety budget. He will ensure The Woodlands and its schools will continue to be among the safest in Texas.  Dotson has managed $100 Million Budgets in law enforcement, he actually knows the cost of policing a city. From a strong position of experience, Dotson ardently warns that building police stations, courts, facilities, and doubling and tripling staff, pensions, and other runaway cost are nothing more than an irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars.  Chief Dotson opposes higher taxes. He opposes bigger government. And he opposes incorporation.”

Dr. Hannon is a long time Methodist minister who has lived continuously in The Woodlands for 30 years with his wife Judy.  He is running for The Woodlands Township Board Position 4, against Woodlands resident, Bruce Rieser, whom TXPBC refers to as a “part-time resident.”

Signorelli explained, “Rieser has stated from his home in Michigan, that he has ’unfinished business’ to incorporate The Woodlands, according to an article dated July 21, 2020.” In contrast, according to Signorelli, Hannon earned the TXPBC endorsement “because he is a part of the fabric that is The Woodlands, he understands and cares about its future.  He is opposed to incorporation of The Woodlands, especially since the Texas Legislature made it illegal for the City of Houston to annex the community without a full vote by residents.”

Signorelli elaborated, “Hannon is adamant about controlling budgets and taxes. He supports complete transparency, something the TXPBC feels is badly needed in the Township.  Hannon will bring light to the unrestricted $20+ million cash hoard that Township leadership has accumulated for future incorporation that residents have not approved. Dan Hannon also believes in better supporting and managing the $13+ million law enforcement contracts with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Constables’ Offices, and the Harris County Sheriff, to better ensure the safety of The Woodlands families and small businesses.”

Fed up with misinformation and manipulation of voters, Signorelli explained that the TXPBC-PAC, which he founded along with a group of local business owners and community leaders, created the Montgomery County Chapter to educate voters and subsequently endorse candidates for the upcoming 2020 election.

Dotson seeks to unseat appointed incumbent Jason Nelson.



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