Conservative activists plan to converge on Congressman Brady’s office at noon today to demand that he act with Vice President Pence to ensure legitimate re-election of President Trump

President Donald Trump thanked Congressman Kevin Brady, Republican of The Woodlands and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, for doing an excellent job fighting for the Trump administration’s programs in Congress.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, December 30 – A large group of grassroots conservative leaders and volunteers plan to converge on the office of United States Congressman Kevin Brady (Republican of The Woodlands) at 12 noon today, Wednesday, December 30, 2020, to call for Brady to take whatever action is necessary to work, in conjunction with Vice President Mike Pence, to ensure that President Donald Trump wins re-election as President of the United States when the United States Congress will examine the results of the Electoral College vote on January 6, 2021. The meeting at Brady’s office will occur at his main District Office at 200 River Pointe Drive, Suite 300, Conroe, Texas 77304.

The primary organizer of the event is long-time conservative Republican Jim “Pops” Doyle, who served as an elected Republican Precinct Chairman for twenty (20) years in Montgomery County and has worked on political campaigns for half a century.

“The purpose of the meeting is to ask Congressman Brady to challenge the Electoral College in those states where the election was clearly disputed, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin,” Doyle explained to The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview last night. “I want our Congressman to challenge those electors and cooperate with the Vice President to accomplish whatever it takes to get an honest count for this election. We can’t have anyone become the president because they stole an election.”

Doyle added, “If anyone wants to come to the meeting, please be there no later than 12 noon sharp. I’m going to give Brady a copy of the Harry Hardman article printed in The Golden Hammer. I plan to say ‘this is want people are beginning to think. What are we going to do? We need to support the President.”

Doyle said, “If Biden is installed in the White House, he’ll never be the official president, and then we’ll never get our country back again. If they can steal the election and get away with it, that will be the policy from now on. If that happens, we’ve lost our country and we’ve lost everything. I expect Mr. Brady to do everything he can to make sure the election doesn’t remain stolen.”

Longtime Republican Precinct Chair, Montgomery County Eagle Forum Founder, and renowned conservative leader Betty Anderson is also one of the primary organizers of the meeting. Anderson explained that she spoke with Will, the Congressman’s assistant, who works in the District Office. “I asked Will to make sure that Congressman Brady attends the meeting,” Anderson said.

“The purpose of the meeting is all of us are very concerned about the electoral votes that are coming from states that have a high level of fraudulent votes. We believe Donald Trump won the election by a landslide, but our nation is having the legitimate election stolen,” Anderson explained.

“I told Will that Wally Wilkerson, the retired Republican County Chairman, likes to tell everyone that Montgomery County is the reddest county in the reddest state. If that’s true, then we want our Congressman to represent us as a Republican Congressman should. We want him to take a stand against accepting the electoral votes from states that have the overwhelming number of fraudulent votes,” Anderson added.

Anderson mentioned that the group may also organize a trip at a later time to the office of United States Senator John Cornyn in Houston.






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