Conservative activist leader Bouche outs Voter Awareness Council for its efforts to facilitate voter fraud

Jon Bouche, Precinct 35 Republican Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee member, and member of the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District. Bouche leads the conservative activists of Montgomery County.

Conroe, August 25 – Jon Bouche, the true “de facto” leader of conservative activists in Montgomery County harshly criticized the Voter Awareness Council (VAC) at a meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party County Executive Committee on Tuesday, 20, 2019. Bouche leads by inspiration and through his enthusiasm for the fight for smaller government, less spending, and lower taxes.

Bouche’s entire speech to the Republican leadership follows.

“My name is Jon Bouche. I am the Precinct 35 Chairman and I live in Oak Ridge North.

“I am speaking in favor of the Resolution against voter centers.

“You know whenever I see the VAC backing something, I am always a little skeptical and I appreciate the opportunity to be here tonight to tell you why I feel that way.  I want to talk about the VAC in general since they are the ones advocating for this and then I want to discuss this motor voter plan they are pushing.

“As to the VAC….they are a group that came up with the ‘VAC POLLING LOCATION CODE OF CONDUCT FOR RESPONSIBLE CANDIDATES.’  And I won’t read the whole thing but…

“If I am understanding this correctly, if you don’t sign their Voter Conduct form you are supposedly not a ‘Responsible candidate.’

“It goes on to say things like you can’t have more than 5 signs otherwise it causes pollution of unlimited signs, no more than three poll workers will be on duty at any given time, leaving parking spaces for voters. You will respect and not invade ‘voter space,’ promoting intimidation-free voting.  That sounds really ‘snowflakey’ and kind of like ‘safe space’ language.  It also mentions that no misleading or false written or verbal information will be offered.

“As I read this the first time it was passed around, I thought it should have been named the ‘Waiver of First Amendment Rights’ form, because it calls for people to waive their rights to express their opinions and peaceably assemble.

“In a community where the opinion against a certain issue such as abortion may be vastly skewed in one direction, the VAC seeks to level the playing field at the polls and silence the majority of support for one candidate or issue over the other. That does not reflect the views of the community so I just think this is wrong to do.

“I should also mention that tonight I went and perused the VAC website before I came here.  Now, you guys call yourselves the Voter Awareness Council but you don’t seem to be very aware and I am going to tell you why I say that.

“I searched your website for ‘True the Vote’ and found nothing. Now, this was a landmark election integrity case that took a decade to settle.  Our government and the IRS targeted Conservatives who simply wanted election integrity.  It took a decade but ‘True the Vote’ prevailed. It only cost ‘True the Vote’ founder Catherine Engelbrecht her business, her marriage, a lot of money and really going through a prosecutorial hell in the media and halls of congress that I seriously doubt anyone in this room can even begin to comprehend.

“I searched the VAC site for ‘election integrity.’  Nothing was found and that’s no surprise.  I searched for ‘Voter Fraud’ and it seems that this was not a concern of the VAC either.

“And who exactly is the arbiter of what is ‘misleading or false information?’  I have noticed in this county that whenever you speak the truth and say things that certain people don’t like, they start screaming ‘liar liar’ so this is going to be problematic as well.

“And when people won’t sign the VAC form waiving their First Amendment rights, I have seen their opponents use this document as a cudgel to beat them over the head for not signing a ‘Candidate Conduct’ agreement.  Now these are bully tactics reminiscent of the big unions.

“In my search of the VAC website, I also typed in ‘Voter Registration’ and an article came up entitled ‘What Every Employer Should Do to Encourage Employees to Vote.’  In light of recent events, it just struck me that the VAC was trying to tell the largest employer in the county how to get the teachers, I mean employees, to the polls? Seems like just more union organization tactics?

“Let me make a suggestion to you at the VAC.  If you want to help us achieve voter integrity, stand with organizations such as ‘True The Vote’ as they try to clean up the voter rolls in Texas.  Stand with us against spite driven PAC’s like the Republican Voters of Texas PAC who in the November 2018 Election, concealed their real purpose and agenda and sought to deceive voters at the polls.  Their PAC was about settling scores and they were actually fighting against Republicans in the General Election even though they had the word ‘Republican; in their name.

“I recall that Colorado had a similar motor voter law as the one you are pushing in their state just before they turned ‘Blue.’  In fact, the GOP congressmen there began referring to the motor voter law as ‘same day voter fraud.’

“Texas already has the second highest population of illegals in the United States and to register to vote here, you just have to say you are eligible. You don’t even need to show and idea or any other documentation to register to vote.  Now it is true that we require voter i.d. to vote but just imagine the overcrowding and all of the things Mr. Vera just talked about.  Just imagine the mess this is going make and with the stakes so high for Texas, do you think that anything is impossible?  Texas is the crown jewel and they are going to spend a lot of money here trying to flip Texas and we don’t need to be helping them.

“I urge all of you to reject this motor voter laws and until the VAC demonstrates that they are serious about preserving the integrity of elections, I plan to oppose them everywhere in their efforts to create environments which facilitate voter fraud.

“Thank you.”



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