Conroe ISD President Bush to run for Montgomery County Treasurer

Conroe ISD President Melanie Pryor Bush has announced she is running for Montgomery County Treasurer.

Conroe, July 14 – Conroe ISD Board President Melanie Bush has announced her candidacy for Montgomery County Treasurer in the 2018 Republican Primary Election. Bush is a successful founder of a fast-growing and recognized bookkeeping firm, community volunteer, wife and mother of two, and active in the Montgomery County Republican Party.

“It’s time for Montgomery County’s Treasurer’s office to be streamlined and run more efficiently, as well as for the county’s fiscal stability,” Bush explained. “After researching much of how the county’s treasury and budget procedures have been run, I’ve determined that the system needs thorough reform in order to better serve the taxpayers. For example, there are numerous overlaps of responsibility.”

Bush told The Golden Hammer, “I’m a committed numbers cruncher. I focus on both the big picture and the details.” Bush founded and owns a bookkeeping firm with 18 employees by the name of Better Bookkeepers, which has offices in The Woodlands and Georgetown. She began the firm as a small operation, so that she could stay at home with her baby child, but the firm has grown into a thriving business.

Bush expressed concern with the manner in which the current County Treasurer’s office conducts the County payroll. “The County Treasurer’s office needs to bring payroll operations and management in the 21st century. They’re still using paper timecards. There’s no reason that the County Treasurer can’t have computer time inputs. I intend to work with each County Department to streamline their payroll entries and to implement an internal payroll system that’s easy to use and efficient,” she told this newspaper.

The citizens elected Bush to the Board of Trustees of Conroe Independent School District in 2014. Her fellow Board members selected her to serve as Board President in November, 2016. Under her leadership, Conroe ISD has worked tirelessly to attain outstanding academic ratings and to achieve fiscal  transparency.

“I get along with anyone and I’m willing to work with people who don’t agree with me politically or personally,” Bush added. “Both many people in the ‘political establishment’ of our community and among the reform elements, such as the Tea Party groups, have asked me to run for County Treasurer to bring a serious change to the office and to clean it up.”

In contrast to the incumbent County Treasurer who only has a high school diploma, Bush earned three Bachelors of Science Degrees from Southern Methodist University, one in Economics, one in Political Science and one in Public Policy. She is active in numerous non-profit organizations, including Montgomery County Republican Women, Executive Women’s Alliance and Interfaith of The Woodlands.

“I’m very concerned with the manner in which the Montgomery County government conducts its audits. Since the County Auditor also serves as the County’s bookkeeper and Chief Budget Officer, I see that the auditor is violating a fundament precept of accounting, because she’s auditing her own work. The County Treasurer’s Office should probably take over the budget function in Montgomery County.”

Bush and her husband Alan, a labor and employment law attorney, have two daughters who attend public school in the Conroe ISD. They live north of FM 1488 and attend Crossroads Baptist Church, where Bush and her husband are regular volunteers.

The Bush family.






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