Conroe ISD covers up ongoing abuse allegations against TWHS Soccer Coach Fanning

Conroe ISD covers up ongoing abuse allegations against TWHS Soccer Coach Fanning

Image: The Woodlands High School Varsity Soccer Coach Jason Fanning (center) with two of his assistants. Conroe Independent School District has covered up serious allegations of abuse even though the school found some of the allegations have merit.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, December 27 – Despite findings that The Woodlands High School (TWHS) Varsity Soccer Coach Jason Fanning violated Conroe Independent School District (CISD) policy, the school district took strenuous measures to hide the serious sworn allegations concerning physical abuse, some with sexual implications, and verbal abuse against the coach. At least three parents and one student provided sworn statements to the school district regarding Fanning’s physical abuse during the 2018-19 academic year, and the school district also had access to a large group chat in which several students participated to disclose the allegations.

In a secret letter, dated May 31, 2019, however, CISD General Counsel Carrie Galatas determined that the school district would take no action, even though Fanning “had used profanity towards students, which is not acceptable under CISD policy.” Galatas ruled that the school district would take no action against Fanning, regardless of the serious nature of the complaints, because CISD would only consider complaints filed within 15 days after the incidents occurred.

Of course, complaints of sexual abuse rarely occur expeditiously, because the victims often suffer extreme embarrassment and shame from the incidents.

The allegations against Fanning made the subject of the sworn statements and the other written materials, which parents, children, and some teachers provided to the school district include:

  • Fanning punched a student soccer player on crutches with a torn ACL in the genitals causing the student to take a hard fall on the ground.
  • Fanning slapped a student’s face with a book at the Klein Cain soccer game.
  • Fanning slapped several students in the face.
  • Fanning regularly shoved students in the boy’s locker room.
  • Fanning fondled a male student’s nipple in front of other soccer players.
  • Fanning has slapped male students on the behind on several occasions.
  • Fanning regularly shouts and utters profanities at students.
  • Fanning shouted “GET THE F–K OFF THE FIELD” to one student in front of the entire team.

Obviously, the school district found that the allegations of profanities were true, although CISD has failed to make public its findings and has taken no public action to discipline Fanning or even to notify parents whose children are involved in the TWHS soccer program of the serious nature of the findings and the allegations against the Head Soccer Coach.

The Golden Hammer has conducted an exhaustive search and found no instance wherein the CISD Board of Trustees ever discussed the Fanning allegations in a properly-noticed meeting of the school board. This newspaper has confirmed with three individuals in the CISD administration, eight parents, and two students, all of whom requested anonymity for fear of reprisal, that the school district internally has acknowledged the severity of Fanning’s conduct, yet the school district has taken no action due to Fanning’s success as a coach.

Several of the parents are very upset that CISD has failed to act on their complaints regarding Fanning’s abuse. Instead, over a short period of a few weeks, the school district went through the pretense of conducting an investigation by hiring a young attorney (a third-year lawyer) who worked for the school district. Of course, the paid-hire didn’t find any merit to the abuse allegations.

Fanning, Galatas, and Superintendent Curtis Null failed to respond to requests for comments during the investigation of this article.



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