Conroe ISD Board holds emergency meeting, votes to send $1.6 billion bond package to voters on May 7 to finance opening of nuggets restaurants

A delicious plate of nuggets awaits service to visitors at the Conroe ISD’s new restaurant chain.

Conroe, April 1 – The Conroe Independent School District (CISD) Board of Trustees held an emergency Board meeting Saturday night, March 30, 2019, and voted unanimously to send a $1.6 billion bond package to voters on May 7, 2019. The bond package will finance the school district’s purchase and construction of a chain of restaurants specializing in serving chicken nuggets to the public in a for-profit setting to prepare CISD students to work as waiters, buspeople, and cleaning teams in the restaurant industry.

CISD Superintendent Curtis Null announced the exciting new education initiative during the meeting. “Our grand purpose in CISD is to educate and prepare our students for the real world. By opening these for-profit nugget restaurants, we accomplish many objectives. Our demographic study has shown that there is a real desire for more tender nuggets in the food market. Our students will provide free labor in the restaurants and will receive the skill sets they’ll need to become waiters, bus people, and cleaning teams in privately-operated restaurants. Since we’ll be operating the restaurants at enormous profit margins, we’ll be able to use those excess funds to increase the salaries for the administration staff who will have a strong incentive to make these restaurants a great success.”

CISD President Datren Williams made the motion to approve the bond package and the new restaurant chain which CISD will own and operate. CISD Vice President Skeeter Hubert then made a motion to name the restaurants “Null’s Nuggets” with specialty drinks known as “Skeeter’s Shakes” and delicious frozen desserts with the “Datren’s Desserts” trademark.

Null projected that Null’s Nuggets will open its first six stores, one for each high school feeder zone in CISD, on June 1, 2019. “Our excellent construction and purchasing departments were able to estimate the precise cost of each of the six restaurants by utilizing the services of an architectural firm and engineering contractor for each of the establishments. Since we’re operating this educational opportunity as a for-profit business, we wanted to make certain we got everything right.”

Null will receive six percent (6%) of the net, EBITDA, each year from the operations of Null’s Nuggets. He will also receive a six percent (6%) finder’s fee on the bond issuance. “I’m very excited about the wonderful education offering we’re making to our students. Just think about it: there won’t be one graduating student of the Conroe ISD who won’t be able to go to work full-time as a waiter or waitress immediately upon graduation. What an extraordinary opportunity!”



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