Conroe attorney Robert Rosenquist to run for 284th District Court

Longtime Conroe attorney Robert Rosenquist who announced on July 17, 2017, that he is running to be the 284th District Court Judge in the 2018 Republican Primary Election.

Conroe, July 18 – Longtime Conroe attorney Robert Rosenquist announced yesterday that he is running to be the Judge of the 284th District Court in the March 6, 2018 Republican Primary Election. Incumbent Cara Wood has not yet decided if she will run for re-election to the District Court which exclusively hears civil cases.

Rosenquist announced that he was running for the 284th District Court because, he said, “I work in Montgomery County Courts daily and a courtroom slowdown is both costly and challenging.” Rosenquist pledged to the taxpayers of Montgomery County that he would “bring better value in the 284th District Court for tax dollars invested. As one of the slower moving courts in the county and as an attorney or litigant, its pace can be frustrating.” The candidate explained, “Streamlining the judge’s office, as well as investing more time to pick up and maintain the courtroom’s pace would improve the county’s financial investment in the court system, as well as improve the morale of those working with the court.”

A 20-year legal veteran, Rosenquist is a partner in Darden, Fowler and Creighton, LLP, in Conroe and has practiced family law and civil litigation for 13 years. Prior to joining the firm, he was an Assistant County Attorney for 5 years, handling criminal prosecutions as well as defending Montgomery County in civil suits in both local state courts and federal courts, under the leadership of County Attorney Frank Bass and Assistant County Attorney David Walker. Rosenquist also spent approximately half a year as a solo practitioner attorney.

Rosenquist currently serves as a Municipal Court Judge for the City of Magnolia and the City of Montgomery. He has also been a Prosecutor for the Cities of Magnolia, Montgomery and Woodbranch. He also served as an Associate Judge in the City of Oak Ridge North and the City of Splendora.

“I’m honored to have and continue serving on the local judiciary,” Rosenquist said, adding, “the experience has been invaluable in dealing with a public who is not always familiar with the judicial system. I have complete respect for all litigants.” He continued on saying, “I’m a low key individual, which serves the court well. I take pride in refusing to pre-judge any circumstance before all sides are heard, I avoid allowing politics to play a role in the decision-making process and I depend heavily on my knowledge of law.

Rosenquist graduated from Texas A & M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and earned his law degree from the South Texas College of Law while working at civil litigation defense firms in Houston and Conroe. Robert and his wife, Sissie, live in Conroe where they raise and home school their 11 and 16 year old children.

Rosenquist has also been involved and worked with several non-profit organizations, including Access Builds Children (ABC) where he was a Board Member, Children’s Safe Harbor, the United Way, the Conroe Evening Lions Club, and a Boy Scout Assistant Scout Master.

Rosenquist describes himself as a hard worker. “I beat Jerald Crow to the office most days of the week and I work long hours to stay on top of things,” he explained. “My two primary ethics as a judge will be to work hard and to be fair. As a judge in traffic court, I’ve been fair and reasonable to both sides in every case, but I’m also not afraid to make a ruling, because that moves cases along. Courts shouldn’t be political, and I’ll make sure I’m neutral no matter who is before me as a judge.”

Rosenquist said, “I’ve always been a Republican. I believe in the Republican Party Platform.” He also explained that he doesn’t plan to disrupt the current case assignments of the District Courts. “I don’t think things need to be changed from where they’re at right now. The 284th will remain a civil court, although, if I’m efficient with those cases, I would like some involvement in the family law docket as well.”

Rosenquist made clear that he would not hear criminal cases in the 284th District Court. “The DA’s office wouldn’t want to set up another court with prosecutors and legal assistants for budget reasons,” he said. “I’ll defer to the other District Judges who are already on the bench as to how to allocate the dockets, but I believe thinks are fine as they are.”

Robert Rosenquist apparently has interests outside of the law.







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