Comparing Montgomery County Commissioner salaries to the 50 state governors is nauseating

Conroe, February 11 – The Montgomery County Judge and County Commissioners make exorbitant salaries. They’re abusive. The following is a chart of those salaries in comparison to the 15 largest counties in Texas.

The following chart is from Zippia, Inc., an employment placement company which also provides salaries and benefits analyses to its clients. So when Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, and Precinct 2 Commissioner candidate Brian Dawson proclaim that they won’t consider a reduction in the salaries for the County Judge and County Commissioner, they’re saying they should earn higher wages than the Governors of all of the states, 42 of them, whose wages are less than $168,808.

Doyal, Riley, and Dawson’s positions with respect to those salaries reflects an attitude towards spending and use of the citizens’ tax dollars that is troubling.

In 2016, a Commissioners Court-appointed Salary Study Committee, under the leadership of Diane Bass, conducted a salary study and recommended that the Commissioners Court and County Judge not receive a pay raise. Minutes later, the Commissioners Court voted unanimously to give themselves a 3% raise anyway.



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