Commissioners Court asks Sheriff Henderson to review Montgomery County security policy

Sheriff Rand Henderson.

Conroe, May 29 – The Montgomery County Commissioners Court asked Sheriff Rand Henderson to undertake a review of the security procedures at the Montgomery County Courthouse complex buildings during the Tuesday, May 23, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting. Sheriff Henderson assured the Court that the security review is already underway.

The Court also approved a new contract for security guard services with Atlantic Security Company beginning May 30, 2017, since the current security guard vendor has opted not to renew its relationship with the Montgomery County government. Henderson noted that, while he’s been involved in signing purchase orders for security guard services, the security guards report to the Risk Management Department rather than to him, even though the Sheriff is statutorily responsible for guard services at the Courthouse buildings. The Commissioners Court, particularly Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack and County Judge Craig Doyal, recommended that Henderson take over those responsibilities. Henderson agreed.

Henderson explained that “it’s an odd situation. I’d like for security to fall under us [for oversight]. There are issues from the last legislature that need to be corrected. It’s better for us than risk management…It’s a poor relationship.”

County Attorney J.D. Lambright explained to the Court that individuals may carry handguns, concealed or open, in the Sadler Administration Building, with a License-to-Carry permit, but they may not carry guns into the Commissioners Courtroom when the Court is in session. Lambright noted that “there’s a whole laundry list of other prohibited weapons. Someone can bring a knife with a blade under 5 inches but there’s other stuff they can’t bring in, such as a hunting knife.”

Montgomery County is one of the few counties in Texas that has a security metal detector at the front of its entire administration building. Noack questioned the advisability of that policy. “There’s a better location. There’s a possible infringement on people’s rights.” Doyal expressed, “There’s a lot of concern on the third floor…there’s a lot of concern for some of the issues they deal with.” The Third Floor contains the County’s Attorney’s Office.



The Commissioners Court unanimously approved the new security contract.



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