Commissioner Noack, Woodlands Township fight the dreaded mosquito

The dreaded mosquito wages war against the citizens of south Montgomery County.

The Woodlands, July 5 – County Commissioner James Noack’s Office, in partnership with The Woodlands Township, is continuing mosquito abatement measures to protect the public from any mosquito borne illness. Last week, the first mosquito samples from The Woodlands Township tested positive for the West Nile virus. Treatment of the affected area is underway and will continue throughout the week.

The South County Mosquito Abatement team, operated by Commissioner Noack’s Office, conducts surveillance on the local mosquito population from May through October each year. Mosquito samples are tested for disease both in-house and by the Texas Department of State Health Services. If disease activity is found, the South County Mosquito Abatement team initiates a treatment protocol in order to minimize the risk of the disease being passed on to humans.

Commissioner Noack has urged residents to “take precautions while outdoors and think WET,” the acronym for “Wear repellent, Eliminate standing water, Treat water you can’t eliminate.”




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