Commissioner Noack sneakily single-handedly slays Woodlands Parkway Extension, reveals why Woodlands incorporation unnecessary

Commissioner Noack sneakily single-handedly slays Woodlands Parkway Extension, reveals why Woodlands incorporation unnecessary

Image: F.M. 2978 Commercial Tract Replat No. 1, establishing the T-intersection at F.M. 2978 and the west terminus of Woodlands Parkway as the location of a big box store and commercial shopping center.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands and Conroe, June 7 – Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack sneakily and single-handedly slew the Woodlands Parkway Extension (WPX) at the April 13, 2021, Regular Meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. With the assistance of The Woodlands Development Company, the primary real estate developer of The Woodlands subdivision, Noack prepared a re-plat of the commercial land at the intersection of Woodlands Parkway and F.M. 2978, the precise spot where the WPX would extend to Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley’s beloved (and disastrous) TX-249 Tollway, which such re-plat has now officially designated the land as the site of a big box store and shopping center in place of the unpopular road.

Noack’s actions were nothing short of heroic, as Riley had refused to remove the WPX from the Major Thoroughfare Plan, on which the Commissioners Court is presently working with the help of Brown and Gay Engineers. Noack’s actions revealed that a smart elected representative of the people of The Woodlands within the County government is just as effective – and a whole lot less expensive – than incorporation of The Woodlands as a new city government to tax and spend more of the people’s money.

Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack proved why the immensely costly incorporation of The Woodlands is totally unnecessary, as he saved the community from the unpopular Woodlands Parkway Extension single-handedly in the sneakiest of fashions on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Noack placed a proposal on the April 13 Commissioners Court Agenda under “Precinct 3” which consisted of a public hearing to re-plat “FM 2978 Commercial Tract No. 1.” The property is actually located in Riley’s Commissioner Precinct 2, but Noack counted on Riley’s steady and reliable lack of preparation for Commissioners Court meeting. Riley rarely, if ever, reads the Agenda for the meetings prior to the actual meetings.

The public hearing was a mundane affair. Assistant County Attorney Amy Dunham read the proposed to re-plat FM 2978 Commercial Trace No. 1, shown in the Plat map at the top of this article. No one appeared to offer public comment.

Just before the vote on whether the Commissioners Court should approve the re-plat, Noack quietly mentioned, “This property is really in Precinct 2.” Riley apparently wasn’t listening.

Noack then moved for approval of the re-plat and Precinct 4 Commissioner James Metts, Riley’s primary ally on the Commissioners Court, seconded the motion, which then passed unanimously.

Noack succeeded in re-platting the property and thereby stopping the WPX cold and dead. Riley even voted for the proposal, thanks to his steady ignorance.

Without Woodlands residents having to spend tens of millions of dollars on a new city hall, law enforcement building, law enforcement vehicles and equipment, hundreds of millions of dollars to fund city employee pensions, and many tens of millions of dollars otherwise, which the Woodlands Township Board refuses to acknowledge or disclose in their so-called “incorporation study,” Noack proved that a smart County Commissioner can represent the interest of the Woodlands Township more than adequately without creating massive new layer of government to tax and spend the people.



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