Commissioner Noack moves to release Montgomery County taxpayers from yolk of payments to taxpayer-funded lobbying group Council of Urban Counties

Commissioner Noack moves to release Montgomery County taxpayers from yolk of payments to taxpayer-funded lobbying group Council of Urban Counties

Image: Screen shot of letter from Council of Urban Counties letter stating they’re lobbying to kill statewide property tax reform in Senate Bill 2. Montgomery County taxpayers pay enormous annual dues to this pro-tax, anti-citizen, group as a result of the urging of disgraced County Judge Craig Doyal.

Conroe, February 12 – Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack has taken a major step to rid Montgomery County taxpayers of the burden of paying enormous annual dues to a pro-tax, anti-citizen, lobbying group, which disgraced liberal former County Judge Craig Doyal had foisted upon the Montgomery County government. The Golden Hammer has confirmed through two sources inside the Montgomery County government that Montgomery County taxpayers pay $17,723 per year to the Texas Council of Urban Counties, a pro-tax, anti-reform lobbying group, which is actively opposing statewide property tax reform during the 86th Legislative Session in Austin in 2019.

Noack’s resolution on the agenda for today’s Tuesday, February 12 (Lincoln’s Birthday), 2019, Commissioners Court meeting is “Consider, discuss and take action on cancelling the Montgomery County membership to The Conference of Urban Counties.”

Noack explained in an exclusive interview with The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, “I want us out of that organization. While many of us are trying to institute statewide property tax reform, this organization is working against the will of the citizens whom Montgomery County Commissioners Court member represent. We should immediately cancel our membership.”

Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack.

Noack included as part of the material he submitted for attachment to the February 12 meeting agenda a letter from Adam Haynes, the Texas Council of Urban Counties’ Policy Director, in which Haynes urged “County officials should redouble contacts to their delegation expressing opposition to SB 2 [the statewide property tax reform legislation, which Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Paul Bettancourt, and Senator Brandon Creighton have authored] over the weekend.”

County Judge Mark Keough’s office didn’t include Noack’s backup materials as a part of the agenda posted online. Chief of Staff Jason Millsaps didn’t respond to an inquiry why the materials were not part of the posted agenda.

A copy of the letter is at the top of this article.

During the 85th Legislative Session, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley went to Austin – at least twice – to lobby against statewide property tax reform on behalf of the Texas Association of Counties.

The Republican Party Platform has supported statewide property tax reform and opposes taxpayer funded lobbying. Riley, who has one of the most liberal voting records on the Commissioners Court, regularly votes in favor of increased government spending, higher taxes, higher property tax appraisals, and taxpayer funded lobbying.




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