Commissioner Metts calls out to all County government departments NOT to reduce spending, adopts socialist credo that government take credit for Montgomery County development

Commissioner Metts calls out to all County government departments NOT to reduce spending, adopts socialist credo that government take credit for Montgomery County development

Image: Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts seems to have adopted the atheistic socialism of Karl Marx.

New Caney, May 7 – Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts, who has always supported Big Government and opposed conservative and Republican Party principles his entire political career, called for County government Department Directors not “to curtail spending.” Metts credits the County government for making Montgomery County “what it is.” The full email Metts sent is at the bottom of this article.

Metts has directed his ire at “forces…inside our County structure” – probably referring to Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack and County Judge Mark Keough who have both called for lower County government spending after citizens Countywide elected them to do so – “that continually ask you to curtail spending.” Of course, since Metts owns no real property in his name in order to evade judgment creditors, Metts does not suffer property taxation as private citizen taxpayers throughout Montgomery County do.

Metts further blames “forces…outside our County structure” for calls to reduce government spending as well, obviously directing his further ire at Citizens Budget Committee Chairman Jon Bouche and grassroots conservatives who have begun a broad, yet focused, fight to reduce Montgomery County government spending.

James Metts has thoroughly enjoyed taxpayer dollars as well as making those dollars available to his girlfriend, his family members, and other friends who are otherwise unemployable, such as terminated County Auditor Phyllis Martin and convicted thief Greg Long, whom Metts, as County Commissioner, gave County government jobs.

Kelli Cook, Montgomery County’s leading grassroots conservative leader, a Montgomery County Republican Party Committee Chair, and a genuine fighter for freedom from government interference and taxation, had harsh words for Metts: “I find his request offensive that he is discouraging frugality with taxpayer funds. It’s obvious Metts didn’t write this memo himself, because he doesn’t know such big words.” Cook specifically found the memo’s use of the word “trepidation” as an indication that Metts couldn’t have written the email memo himself.

In June, 2016, in a now-infamous rant of small words directed at Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack, against the Courier blog, and against the precursor to this newspaper, Metts lost control of his faculties and droned on for almost ten minutes before the Montgomery Commissioners Court about how proud he was to receive a large salary from the taxpayers.

After the Board of District Judges terminated former Montgomery County Auditor Phyllis Martin for her poor performance as the County government’s internal auditor, Metts hired Martin as his chief of staff. Metts has hired his live-in girlfriend, Diane Rogers, his first cousin, Jane Landers, close campaign supporters, and a convicted felon (for theft) as management employees.

As the pro-freedom, pro-capitalism think tank, the Heritage Foundation, has explained, “Karl Marx was an atheist socialist…He listed 10 necessary measures as steps along the way to his utopia, including a progressive income tax, the abolition of private property, free education for all, and centralization of the means of communication and transport in ‘the hands of the state.'” Clearly, Metts follows the tenets of atheist socialism, as he supports increased taxation, the confiscation of private property through increasing property taxation, centralization of the means of communication (the Phonoscope fiber optic scandal to which Metts was a central player as a member of the Davenport corruption Ring), and centralization of transport (tollroads and taxation of roads).

Shameful spending growth during past 14 years: 2005 to 2019

Montgomery County residents and businesses are thoroughly over-taxed.

In 2005, the County government’s total expenditures were $119,777,565. Only fourteen years later, in Fiscal Year 2019, the County government’s spending as tripled to $344,381,573. During that same time period population in Montgomery County grew from 372,993 in 2005 to approximately 576,000 in 2019, according to the United States Census Bureau, an increase in population of 54.43%.

Between 2005 and 2019, there was inflation of 55.81%, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

By those numbers the increase in the size of Montgomery County’s government should have grown no more than 110.24% between 2004 and 2019 to a ceiling spending amount of $251,820,353. Therefore, disgraced former County Judge Craig Doyal, his henchman Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley Riley, and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador pushed Montgomery County government spending – and taxation – $92,561,220 more than the level to which it should have grown, or $344,381,573.

The Citizens Budget Committee’s new Chairman, Jon Bouche, called upon the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to reduce County government spending by one percent (1%) in the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget during the Tuesday, March 19, 2019, Commissioners Court meeting. Bouche, who is a Republican Precinct Chairman, member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee, and Director of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, asked Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough and the four Commissioners to reduce County government spending by $3,443,815 to $340,937,757 for FY 2020.

Bouche explained on March 19, “The members of our Commissioners Court often tell us how they are the experts in County government operations. The Citizens Budget Committee, therefore, takes them at their word. Since they’re the experts, we’re leaving the specific spending reductions to them to figure out and implement.”

Statistics County Judge Mark Keough released on January 3, 2017, when he was running for the office, to show that taxes increased by 20% during the first two years of Craig Doyal as County Judge.

When he ran for Montgomery County Judge, a central tenet in County Judge Mark Keough’s platform was out-of-control County government spending, which resulted in a 20% increase in property taxes paid to the Montgomery County government just between 2014 and 2016, the first two years when ultra-liberal Craig Doyal was in office as County Judge. County taxpayers rejected Doyal’s liberal policies and brought Keough into office with a 57-43% landslide victory in the March 18, 2018, Republican Primary Election.

A slide which County Clerk Mark Turnbull presented in August, 2017, showing the growth of the Montgomery County Budget has exceeded the “Noack Yardstick” almost every year.

Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull presented a slide during the Fiscal Year 2017 budget hearing in which he noted how much County government spending had exceeded the rate of inflation and population growth combined.

Last month, Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack proposed a $7.1 million restructuring of County government debt in order to save County government spending. Initially, Metts seemed to oppose that proposal but eventually reluctantly voted for it on April 23, 2019.

Noack has asked County Departments to find cost savings so that the County government could reduce spending during Fiscal Year 2019 and lower the tax rate as well as overall property taxes paid to the Montgomery County government.

Metts: the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Montgomery County

Rather than business entrepreneurs such as real estate developers George Mitchell (developer of The Woodlands), Bruce Belin (developer of April Sound and Bentwater), or Danny Signorelli (developer of several Lake Conroe subdivisions and Valley Ranch in East Montgomery County), Metts claims that the “outstanding efforts” of the County government departments of Montgomery County are what has made Montgomery County “what it is.” In Metts’ world view, centralized government may take more responsibility for the natural beauty of Montgomery County than Mother Nature. In the atheistic socialist world view of Metts, all positive developments in society emanate from government’s command-and-control.

Similarly, New York City democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made clear her support of the concept that government should be responsible for making what America is rather than permitting free market capitalism to follow the choices of citizens’ free will. Metts, who actually makes himself available to constituents far less even than Ocasio-Cortez, definitely prefers backroom government deals over allowing free market forces to determine the direction of citizen choices.

Metts’ full email to County government employees clearly reveals that Metts belabors under a fundamental misunderstanding that County government’s taxpayers are its “customers” rather than the “citizens at the top of the organizational chart” as in the American system of government. Metts’ full email follows.

Email from Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts to all County government Department Directors, in which he opposes reductions in government spending and claims County government employees are responsible for making Montgomery County “what it is.”



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