Commissioner Meador Transmogrifies Multimillion Dollar Road Fund Into “Slush”

Commissioner Meador Transmogrifies Multimillion Dollar Road Fund Into “Slush”

Conroe, January 27 – Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Meador has transferred $2,737,025.30 from the Precinct 1 road budget into a wide variety of other expenditures having little or nothing to do with roads, since April, 2014. Meador slid $625,000.00 of the transferred funds over to “professional services” which largely represented payments to engineering firms and contractors who have provided large contributions to Meador, County Judge Craig Doyal, and some of their colleagues within the “axis of evil” (Meador, Doyal, Charlie Riley, and Jim Clark) on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

The Golden Hammer uncovered the “slush fund” transfers after noticing that millions of dollars of unbudgeted transfers of funds have occurred on the Consent Agenda (undiscussed in open meetings) portion of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court Agendas. The “slush funds” often spring from an unbudgeted account with the accounting suffix “-7997” which represents funds unspent within County departments from previous years. Another “slush fund” often utilized for purposes other than those for which the Commissioners previously budgeted them often contains the suffix “-7340” which contains funds budgeted for roads and asphalt but often utilized for other purposes, such as paying Christmas bonuses without public notice (hopefully). The County government has only partially responded to requests under the Public Information Act for documents pertaining to the “-7997” fund expenditures.

Numerous residents within Precinct 1 have complained about slow service in road repairs, while Commissioner Meador and his large and well-paid staff have responded that they lack a sufficient budget to provide road services. Many residents still suffer from unpaved roads, for which Meador and his operations team claim they lack sufficient budgeted funds. See “What the H, Commissioner Meador?” (The Golden Hammer, News, January 27, 2017). Meador transferred $579,357 from the budgeted road funds into road expenditures, while transferring the remainder of the $3,316,382.30 into non-road expenditures. In other words, Meador spent only 17.5% of the budgeted road funds on roads.

The non-road expenditures are an odd assortment. In addition to the transfers to Meador’s engineering and contractor friends, Meador spent almost $3 million of tax funds on lawn mowers, a “truck for Gerald,” other trucks, a contribution to a quango dedicated to parential visitation, and unbudgeted capital outlays. The full list of Meador’s transfers since April, 2014, follows:

Date                                        Amount Transferred                        To?

April 14, 2014                       $5,000.00                               Airport Maintenance

May 13, 2014                           $30,902                                  Truck for Gerald

May 14, 2014                          $12,200                                  Zero Turn mower

May 30, 2014                           $150,000                               Professional svcs (engrs)

June 10, 2014                           $100,000                               Eqmt lease 1st payment

June 16, 2014                           $27,218.00                            2015 Chevy

June 17, 2014                           $3,600.00                               Travel expense

July 9, 2014                           $53,356.00                            2 work trucks

July 14, 2014                         $12,900                                  Kubota Zero turn mower

August 5, 2014                      $100,000                               Professional svcs (engrs)

September 3, 2014               $100,000                               Professional svcs (engrs)

September 16, 2014               $140,000                               County park maintenance

September 16, 2014                $529,357.40                          Asphalt and roads

September 30, 2014                 $20,000.00                            Access Builds Children


February 12, 2015               $45,000.00                            Cptl outlay-Mach & eqmpt

February 13, 2015               $10,000.00                            Cptl outlay-Mach & eqmpt

March 10, 2015                    $282,854.36                          Purchase ppty, relocat exp

June 16, 2015                        $50,000                                  Sand/Gravel/Rock

June 16, 2015                         $50,000                                  Sign maintenance

June 16, 2015                         $30,000                                  Equipment rental

June 16, 2015                         $97,503.85                            Equipmnt lease/purchase

June 16, 2015                        $125,000.00                          County park maintenance

July 7, 2015                           $75,000                                  Professional svcs (engrs)

August 7, 2015                      $30,000.00                            2015 Chevrolet Crew Cab

January 14, 2016                  $145,902.28                          Purch 2015 Kenworth truck

January 25, 2016                  $240,000.00                          Settlement Girl Scouts of

San Jacinto Council, League

Line Road Project

January 26, 2016                  $89,422.00                            Purchase Trail King Trailer

February 24, 2016               $100,000.00                          Sign Maintenance

March 1, 2016                       $120,000.00                          612-7501 (capital outlays)

March 9, 2016                       $100,000.00                          Professional svcs (engrs)

March 31, 2016                    $181,303.00                          Purchase vehicles

April 1, 2016                         $30,047.00                            Purchase vehicles

July 21, 2016                         $100,000.00                          Professional svcs (engrs)

July 21, 2016                         $100,000.00                          Eqmpt rental

September 26, 2016              $29,817.00                            Purchase vehicles


Subtotal          $2,737,025.30 non-road

Subtotal          $579,357 road


Total = $3,316,382.30






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