Commissioner Meador hosts morose “inside camp” party, County vendors come to supplicate

Morose crowd at Commissioner Mike Meador’s “camp party,” May 18, 2017, Montgomery County Civic Center.

Conroe, May 19 – A morose, almost sad, crowd gathered at Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador’s “camp party” on yesterday at the Montgomery County Civic Center. Numerous County vendors paid $1,500 per person or more to attend the event which featured a mundane economic development update.

Meador has made clear that he has no intention of running for re-election. Therefore, Meador has no reason for which he needs to raise campaign funds. Similarly, the people contributing to Meador’s warchest know that Meador is not running for re-election, so they know that they’re not helping to fund a campaign. They’re just paying a sitting County Commissioner money. Meador is flexing his political muscle and the contributors are feeding his ego with the hope of having influence upon him.

In previous years, Meador hosted more raucous fundraisers at his deer lease just north of the Montgomery County Airport. Approximately sixty (60) people gathered for Meador’s event at which he raised what The Golden Hammer estimates was about $70,000. Meador did not charge elected officials or other members of the political “elite” to attend the event.

Yesterday’s “camp party” was Meador’s first such event which he hosted indoors and where he served a catered breakfast rather than feting the guests with barbecue which County Engineer Mark Mooney and other “indentured” County employees had to cook.

Some of the glitterati included a couple dozen engineers and County vendors, Meador, Meador’s wife Janie, Commissioner Charlie Riley (of nepotism and the “Riley 2-step” fame), former Sheriff Tommy Gage, Amy Doyal, Constable Philip Cash and his wife Heather, Precinct 2 Operations Manager Don Dean, former Sheriff Joe Corley, Binkley and Barfield Engineers’ Dave Hamilton (who never misses an opportunity to “influence”), Robert Walker (Meador’s cousin), and Judge Wayne Mack.

 County vendors and engineers rely upon Meador’s steady vote for every spending proposal and for every excuse to avoid providing any scrutiny whatsoever over County spending. The only spending proposals that Meador has rejected in recent memory are some proposals to provide additional funding for law enforcement.



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