Montgomery County Commissioner Clark moves to correct County Judge Doyal’s pro-transgender adoption policy

Montgomery County Commissioner Clark moves to correct County Judge Doyal’s pro-transgender adoption policy

Image: Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark (right) has moved to correct County Judge Craig Doyal’s bizarre pro-transgender adoption proclamation which the county judge sneaked past the Commissioners Court on November 14, 2017.

Conroe and New Caney, December 9 – On November 14, 2017, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal tricked the five-member Commissioners Court into voting unanimously in favor of adoption proclamations that not only supported Montgomery County adoptions but also supported adoptions by transgender individuals among other groups. Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark has expressed surprise that Doyal didn’t seek to amend the proclamation at the following Commissioners Court meeting on November 28.

As a result, Clark has taken matters into his own hands and placed an item on the December 12, 2017, Commissioners Court Agenda to clarify that the Commissioners Court, while it supports adoptions, does not support transgender adoptions. Clark’s Agenda item is “Consider and take appropriate action to amend proclamation and resolution of Montgomery County declaring November 15, 2017, as Montgomery County Adoption Day issued on November 14, 2017.”

Clark explained, “I have always been a big supporter of adoptions. The proclamation that the Commissioners Court passed, however, doesn’t reflect the values that I believe or those of the people of Montgomery County. As a Commissioner, I want to clarify that the Commissioners Court supports adoptions but doesn’t necessarily support adoptions by transgender or other groups. We’re pro-family and don’t support anti-family values.”

What Clark seeks to correct

On November 14, 2017, Doyal tricked the Commissioners Court into supporting unanimously two proclamations in favor of transgender adoptions of children. After this newspaper reported the story on Thursday, November 16, there was a gigantic citizen outcry for the Commissioners Court to amend the pro-transgender adoption resolutions – tucked in two proclamations favoring adoptions in general.

Many citizens have even called for an emergency Commissioners Court meeting to rescind or amend the pro-transgender adoption proclamation. Doyal sponsored the resolutions. A close friend of Doyal’s read the two proclamations aloud during the November 14 meeting. The Commissioners Court then voted unanimously to support the resolutions, including the transgender adoption language. Amazingly, Doyal and each County Commissioner then signed the two proclamations to show their support of them.

After the citizen outcry against Doyal, his close friend and political contributor Terri Jaggers, who also receives substantial funds from Montgomery County’s government (and, of course, taxpayers), produced a video where she took the blame for the offensive proclamations. Jaggers, about whom this newspaper was unaware prior to her November 17 video, apologized to Doyal, to the County Commissioners, to the Publisher of this newspaper, and to the community for the offensive language in the two proclamations. Nevertheless, Jaggers later went on the attack against The Golden Hammer for bringing the two proclamations to the attention of the readers and other citizens of Montgomery County.

During a Montgomery County Tea Party meeting on November 20, 2017, Clark made clear that he wouldn’t have supported the two proclamations if Doyal had not hidden the anti-family language from the Commissioners Court prior to the meeting.

On November 21, 2017, the Texas Pastors Council, a leading pro-family organization, issued a letter condemning the Montgomery County Commissioners Court adoption proclamations due to the “anti-family social agenda” language contained in those unanimously-passed documents. The Council called for the Commissioners Court to take swift corrective action to remove the offensive language from the two otherwise pro-adoption resolution.

Doyal ignored the clamor of Montgomery County citizens and of the Texas Pastors Council.

On November 21, Doyal refused to include a pro-family “Ginger and Calvin Russell Day” proclamation on the resolution. Doyal angrily announced “I’m not putting that on the agenda…request denied.” Realizing the rude nature of his behavior around 9:32 a.m. that morning, Doyal issued another statement to The Golden Hammer around 11 a.m., stating, “While I applaud Mrs. Russell’s contributions to society as an adoptive parent, it would be highly inappropriate for the court to single out one adoptive parent for honors out of a county of 570,000 people, especially since there was no process established to determine which single person among all of Montgomery County should earn this honor.”

Doyal’s statement revealed his low cognitive reading level, as the proposed pro-family resolution made clear that the Russells were not adoptive parents at all but rather that their daughter is an adoptive parent.

Yesterday, November 22, 2017, Doyal and his office staff, including “chief of staff” jim fredricks and Administrative Assistant Patti Werner, posted the Commissioners Court Agenda for the November 28, 2017, 9:30 a.m., Commissioners Court meeting. Doyal intentionally left off the pro-family proclamation and failed to include any proclamation to correct the anti-family language in the other proclamations the Commissioners Court passed on November 14.

Clark added, “These proclamations don’t reflect the values of the people of my Precinct, the people of East Montgomery County I represent. We need to fix this.”




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