Commissioner Clark delivers “State of East Montgomery County” Address

Left to right: Kelly Osborn Clark and Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark at the Cajun Catfish Festival.

New Caney, October 25 – Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark delivered his 2017 “State of East Montgomery County” Address to East Montgomery County community leaders and many others at a special luncheon at the New Caney Texan Drive Stadium Hospitality Room to honor Clark for his service to his Commissioners Precinct. Citizens from across Texas drove into East Montgomery County to hear the Address and learn about the incredible economic growth that has occurred there during the past three years.

“East Montgomery County has been on the map for a long time, but it’s been a while before we’ve come into our own to see the build-up of our community that we’ve all wanted. I’m happy that my time as Commissioner since the beginning of 2015 has given me the opportunity to oversee the great development and growth we’re all enjoying here,” Clark told the crowd.

Clark discussed his work to ensure the orderly growth of Precinct 4 while retail, commercial, and industrial businesses have discovered what a great place East Montgomery County is to live and work. “The days of East Montgomery County getting treated like the poor stepchild are over. We’re dynamic, exciting, and progressive. East Montgomery County has become one of the best places in the entire United States to raise a family or have a business,” Clark said.

“In just the past few months, we’ve added more than a million square feet of retail space. TJ Maxx, Academy, and our gorgeous Kroger store are just a few of the businesses we’ve seen come into our area. We have a world-class movie theater venue about to open and an amphitheater that will rival the Mitchell Pavilion coming very soon thanks to the public-private relationships that my Office has nurtured,” the Commissioner explained.

“It’s been a very rough year for our community. Mother Nature gave us a very tough go of it in the past few months. My team in Precinct 4 and I have focused on helping people rebuild their homes and their lives. I love helping people, and I’ve had a lot of opportunity to do that in my job in the past three years, but especially in the past two months. Still, our community charged back with a great East Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo last month where we all had a great time and put hundreds of thousands of dollars towards our children’s scholarships for their higher education,” Clark said.

Clark also noted that health care options have exploded in the past 18 months in the area. He thanked Bill Smith, Tracy Willett, and Billy Bob Lee, as well as the late Marie Moore, for their great leadership of his staff.

At the conclusion of his Address, Clark mentioned that he’s running for re-election for the position of Commissioner, Precinct 4. “I’m running, because I love what I’m doing, how I’m helping an entire community, and how I’m making this a better place.”



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