Commissioner Clark condemns threatening text message sent to his employee Moore, calls for healing and end to “pure evil”

Commissioner Clark condemns threatening text message sent to his employee Moore, calls for healing and end to “pure evil”

Image: Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark (in brown jacket) with friends. Precinct 4 Administrator is at far right in green shirt.

New Caney, March 24 – Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark condemned a threatening text message sent to Montgomery County employee Marie Moore in April, 2014, after The Golden Hammer reported the story about the message yesterday morning. Please see “Elected Official to Marie Moore: ‘You Need to Give Your Heart to Jesus Because the Rest of You Belongs to Us.'” (The Golden Hammer, March 23, 2017.)

The text message, dated April 8, 2014, from an elected official to Moore, who, at the time worked as an Administrative Assistant in the County Engineer’s Office, stated, according to Moore, “You need to give your heart to Jesus because the rest of you belongs to us.” Moore, who now works as the Precinct 4 Administrator, explained in a written statement that the elected official sided with Craig Doyal in the election for County Judge in the March, 2014, Republican Primary Election, but the official accused Moore of siding with Mark Bosma, Doyal’s electoral opponent.

Moore has refused to disclose the identity of the elected official who sent her the text message.


After reading The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, Clark told The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview, “I’m appalled and dismayed about the content of the text message that was sent to Ms. Moore. It borderlines on a personal threat and political corruption, and pressure of this type on County employees needs to stop.” Clark continued, “The use of Jesus’ name in a political threat is out-and-out blasphemy. No one should ever use the Lord’s name in that manner.”

The wording of the text message would appear to be a cannibalization of the famous line of Warden Samuel Norton in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994) in which the Warden told new prisoners arriving at Shawshank Penitentiary, “Put your trust in the Lord; your a– belongs to me.”

Clark’s Calls for Reform

Clark called for an end to political gamesmanship and in-fighting within the County government. He said, “Political gamesmanship and the in-fighting that some of these political bottom-dwellers and in-fighters engage in shows that they care nothing about people’s lives or jobs or whom they hurt. I’m calling for this stuff to stop.”

The Commissioner clarified, “There’s nothing wrong about a good, spirited political debate about issues, and campaigning and going to events and letting people see and know who you are. But these backroom orchestrated political moves to ruin people are pure evil.”

He predicted a happy ending for the citizens of Montgomery County: “In the end I feel like people who are dong the right thing will win but, very sadly, not without casualties along the way. My whole reason for running was to make a difference in East Montgomery County. I wanted to be a part of change for the better and I fully intend to continue the work I’ve started. I look forward to serving the people of East County during the remainder of my term and I plan to win re-election and serve another term as the Commissioner of Precinct 4. No one has scared me and I hope no one has scared Marie Moore.”

Noack joins

Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack also spoke with The Golden Hammer about the text message to Moore. “It’s really terrible that someone would send such a message to a County employee. I would like for us to rise above this as a community,” Noack said. “I condemn that type of behavior.”

The Golden Hammer too

The Golden Hammer joins Commissioners Clark and Noack in all of the concerns they’ve expressed. It was bad enough when a fictional character in a movie used a similar phrase. When Stephen King wrote the original phrase, as he explained in later interviews about the short story on which they based the movie, he intended to show the “sheer corruption” of the prison warden in using the Lord’s name in such a threatening manner.

Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack.

No one in Montgomery County has publicly elevated himself in such an admirable spiritual manner as Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack, who is also an elected public official. Judge Mack is known for his strong religious faith and for his statement, “Government should fear us. We should not fear the government.” Hopefully, great spiritual and public leaders, including Judge Mack and others, will join in public condemnation of the horrible and threatening text message sent to Marie Moore and begin the healing process.

Judge Mack and other public servants, we call upon your leadership to move us forward. We hope you’ll condemn the text message to Ms. Moore and call for community healing and an end to threats against County employees.



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