Commissioner candidate Parker picks up major backers Nancy Purvis Farmer and Chester Farmer

Right to left: Nancy Purvis Farmer and Chester Farmer.

Magnolia, May 20 – Gregory Parker, the candidate for Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner who his challenging beleaguered incumbent Charlie Riley, has picked up a pair of major supporters and financial backers, Nancy Purvis Farmer and her husband Chester Farmer.

The Farmers have contributed a total of $5,000 to Parker’s campaign for County Commissioner, including a $2,000 contribution they gave to Parker on May 8, 2018.

Unlike the individuals who have contributed to Parker’s opponent, Riley, who all have some financial interest in Riley keeping the job, Chester Farmer worked for 30 years as a long-haul truck driver and for 25 years as an industrial electrician before he retired. Neither Farmer nor his wife Nancy Purvis Farmer do any business with the Montgomery County government.

Nancy Purvis Farmer is the widow of former Precinct 2 County Commissioner Malcolm Purvis, who served in the position from 1987 until his death in 2001. Purvis was one of the most popular and successful County Commissioners in the history of the Magnolia area. He was a rock-solid conservative who viewed public tax dollars as a fiduciary trust over which he was the trustee. Purvis was well-known for his rapid response to road problems, as citizens report them to him. He finished his career as a member of the Republican Party after switching parties in 1995 and winning re-election to his last term in 1998.

Purvis’ legacy stands in sharp contrast to the hyper-political and poor service tenures of his successor Craig Doyal and the current County Commissioner Charlie Riley. Rather than providing service to all citizens in Precinct 2, Riley won’t even respond to telephone calls from those who don’t show absolutely fealty to him. Riley’s terribly slow response in commencing the repairs to the Woodforest Parkway North bridge resulted in grave deterioration of that structure resulting in the Texas Department of Transportation declaring an emergency and ordering closure of the bridge for repairs.

Chester Farmer told The Golden Hammer, “All I can say is that Montgomery County needs a change of leadership in Precinct 2 and that’s why we support Greg Parker.”

Parker told this newspaper last night, “I definitely appreciate their trust and support. I look forward to a wonderful relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Farmer and to being their County Commissioner.”

Unlike Malcolm Purvis, Riley has squandered public money as though it is his own to spend. In 2016, Riley voted himself a salary increase to $168,000 per year, plus benefits of approximately $67,704 per year, for total annual compensation of approximately $235,704, even after the Commissioners Court-appointed Salary Study Committee, which former Human Resources Director Diane Bass chaired, had recommended against any salary increase. Riley has voted for gigantic spending and tax increases during his three and a half years as a County Commissioner. In particular, as a Board of Directors member of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District, Riley oversaw huge property tax appraisal hikes in order to raise taxes on Montgomery County taxpayers even with official tax rates staying at par. Riley voted for every spending proposal during the Fiscal Year 2018 budget process and has voted in favor of tens of millions of dollars of budget amendments to increase County spending to the highest level it has been in the history of Montgomery County.



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