C’mon, Kids, Let’s Avoid the Clear Code of Ethics Violation 3 Weeks Into the New County Ethics Code!

Doyal and Commissioners, please stop clowning around with our tax dollars!

Conroe, February 13 – On Tuesday, the members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court are set to violate the Code of Ethics only three weeks into its existence. Pretending to be the Montgomery County Toll Road Authority (MCTRA), which borrows millions and millions of dollars from the County to fund Doyal’s and Riley’s pet Tx-249 3.6 mile $100 million Decimation of Hope Highway, they’re planning to appoint themselves to the MCTRA board of directors and the following officers of MCTRA as well:

Craig Doyal                Chairman

Charlie Riley              Vice Chairman

Mike Meador             Secretary

Phyllis Martin             Treasurer

The appointment of County Auditor Phyllis Martin as Treasurer of MCTRA is particularly alarming. Martin, whom the Board of District Judges appoints, should not have conflicts of interest with the Montgomery County government. By putting her on MCTRA, which ostensibly will borrow substantial money from the County to fund Doyal’s and Riley’s Decimation of Hope Highway project further, Martin’s fiduciary duty will be to an entity that is doing business with Montgomery County.

The Phyllis Martin appointment, as well as the appointment of ALL OF THEM, would seem to violate the new Code of Ethics which the Commissioners Court just passed. The Code of Ethics, which the Commissioners approved unanimously on January 24, 2017, mandates:

“VIII. Outside Employment

County Public Servants shall not accept other employment or engage in outside activities incompatible with the full and proper discharge of their duties and responsibilities with the county, or which might impair their independent judgment in the performance of their public duty.”

Is it time for the ethics violation enabler, also known as County Attorney Jerry Don “JD the Ice Man” Lambright, to swoop down from his plush office and ice machine and come up with some phony excuse why the six people should be permitted to violate their own Code of Ethics?

No. It’s time for Lambright to do the right thing, end the charade of MCTRA, and tell them: “Boys and Lady (Martin), you’ve got a choice: take one job or the other, Judge and Commissioners and County Auditor or you can play on the pretend MCTRA as a director and officer. You can’t be both the lender with County tax dollars and the borrower!”





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