Clear Creek ISD police beat, injure student for wearing Coronavirus mask improperly

Clear Creek High School student Kaidence Lyons suffered a broken hand, a head injury, and other contusions after school police beat her up for wearing her mask improperly.

League City (Texas), October 23 – 15-year-old Kaidence Lyons was beaten, taunted, and arrested by Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) police on Monday, October 19, 2020, after a teacher observed Lyons walking down the hall of Clear Creek High School without wearing her Chinese Coronavirus mask properly. After the school district employee saw Lyons without wearing the mask properly, the teacher taunted her and said, “”I don’t want to hear nothing. I’m tired of y’all Black kids thinking you can run my school … I got something for you.”

At that point, three CCISD police officers grabbed the high school sophomore, pulled her into a room, beat her up, broke her hand, and caused a number of contusions and other injuries.

The school district acknowledged the incident in a statement released on Wednesday, October 21:

“In the Clear Creek Independent School District, we believe each person deserves to be physically and emotionally safe. The school district and the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office have both launched separate internal investigations into the events leading up to the arrest of a Clear Creek High School student on Monday, October 19, 2020.

“We are aware of the public allegations made by the student’s family and we take their concerns seriously. The school district will continue to work with the student’s family and keep them informed along the way.

“Clear Creek ISD contracts law enforcement support through the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office for all CCISD schools. Each high school of approximately 2,500 students is staffed with three school liaison officers.”

Lyons contends that the police officers never told her why they arrested her, handcuffed her, or threw her to the floor.

Lyons’ family attorney Ronald Haley, Jr., said, “”Why was she brought to a room with no cameras? This was supposed to be a safe haven. It seemed very cavalier for her to be walked to that room casually.”

Public school districts have supplanted routine discipline in classrooms with formal police action instead for many years.



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