Clark, Noack Disavow the WATT, Come to Taxpayers’ Defense

Did George Orwell ponder the likes of Craig Doyal, or was the concept too ideologically frightening?

Conroe, February 8 – County Commissioners Jim Clark, Precinct 4, and James Noack, Precinct 3, have seemingly disavowed Craig Doyal’s, Charlie Riley’s, and Mike Meador’s WATT (the War Against The Taxpayers). Clark and Noack have made clear their de-WATTment in a series of press releases they have issued over the past five days. Those press releases should give substantial hope to Montgomery County citizens that serious efforts at budget-cutting may actually occur within the Montgomery County government. Citizens must remain actively vigilant.

One of County Judge Craig Doyal’s newest weapons in the WATT is his attempt to recharacterize “fiscal conservatism” to mean government spending INCREASES. Doyal obviously read and seeks to emulate Napoleon the Pig in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” an animalistic analogy to the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Napoleon was the Lenin character in the story.

Clark and Noack have ignored Doyal’s creative syntax and have called for five percent (5%) across-the-board spending cuts in the budgets of each County department. They have also called for implementation of a homestead exemption and possibly other property tax reform as well.

A private Citizens Budget Committee is quietly working on a detailed proposal to reduce the Montgomery County budget by $100 million for Fiscal Year 2018, while increasing law enforcement spending $40 million, for net savings of $60 million, a 15.7% total reduction in spending.

Meanwhile, Doyal has indicated that he and Commissioner Mike Meador intend to conduct secret meetings, out of public view, to prepare their own proposed budget that will continue to grow County government spending.

Doyal has consistently sponsored County budgets that have grown approximately five (5) times faster than the rate of the County’s population growth. Noack has noted that such budget growth makes no fiscal sense, because, as governments grow due to population growth, they should enjoy significant economies of scale. Therefore, budget growth should be substantially less than population growth, if the County Judge and County Commissioners Court properly managed the County Budget and County operations.

Will Doyal lose more troops in his WATT? Or will the de-WATTment forces overcome him?



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