Clark calls for end to political interference with public service, explains full details of Doyal’s attempt to get Precinct 4 employee fired for political reasons

Precinct 4 management, left to right: Commissioner Jim Clark, Administrator Marie Moore, Billy Bob Lee, Tracy Willett.

New Caney, March 23 – Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark called for an end to County Judge Craig Doyal’s political interference with the public service of elected officials and County employees in the Montgomery County government. “The part I hate the worst about my job as Commissioner is the politics and what comes along with it. I’d like to do my job every day and be a public servant. Politics and attitudes getting involved is sad, particularly what some employees, like my Administrator Marie Moore, have had to deal with. Other county employees have had similar problems.”

Clark explained in an exclusive interview with The Golden Hammer that Doyal approached Clark in early January, 2015, right after Doyal and Clark were sworn into office as Montgomery County Judge and Precinct 4 County Commissioner, respectively, and “in a semi-friendly but very serious tone, he advised me that it would be best for my political career moving forward to move Marie Moore out of my Precinct. Doyal said to me, ‘For your political career moving forward you need to do this. You’ve already made one political mis-step by telling Commissioner [Ed] Rinehart [Clark’s predecessor as Precinct 4 Commissioner] that Marie could work for you if you won the primary.'”

Clark told The Golden Hammer that he responded to Doyal that Clark wasn’t “going to terminate anyone for political reasons.” Clark also confirmed that Doyal has urged Clark to terminate Moore as a Precinct 4 employee on several occasions since that first discussion in early January, 2015.

Moore came to the Montgomery County government as an employee on June 10, 1980. She is the sixth most senior employee of the Montgomery County government.

Originally, Moore worked as the Administrative Assistant to the County Engineer for 34 years. In 2014, however, Moore explained, “I left the County Engineer’s Office in October, because Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley, who had just won their elections as County Judge and County Commissioner were making it very difficult for Mark Mooney [County Engineer] to keep me as an employee. Both Doyal and Riley started to give Mooney grief about his employing me, because they told him I had supported Mark Bosma” who ran against Doyal for County Judge in the 2014 Republican Primary Election.

In October, 2014, then-Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ed Rinehart offered Moore a job as his Administrator in order to remove Moore from the politics interfering with her duties in the County administration building. Since Rinehart was retiring, he asked Clark about the decision since Clark had won the Republican Primary Runoff Election in 2014 and was unopposed in the general election. Moore has worked there ever since that time.

Moore originally worked on Doyal’s Republican Primary Election campaign and was with him the evening when he originally formulated a list of County employees who had opposed him politically. That list later became the “Hit List.” For full coverage of Doyal’s “Hit List,” please see “BREAKING NEWS: County Judge Doyal’s ‘Hit List’ Formulation Confirmed,” The Golden Hammer, February 25, 2017).

Moore told The Golden Hammer, “I’m very happy in my job here in East County. I love the people out here. I feel at home.”

As Precinct 4 Administrator, Moore runs the administrative functions of Commissioner Jim Clark’s office. She also works closely with Billy Bob Lee and Tracy Willett who manage the Commissioner’s road and bridge operations.

The blog which attempts to compete with The Golden Hammer finally ran a story about Doyal’s “Hit List” this morning concerning a document another source had provided to this newspaper two months ago. This paper chose not to run the story about the Moore handwritten “Hit List” because that version was in Moore’s handwriting from her notes during the meeting which occurred the night of the 2014 Republican Primary Election.




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