Conroe, December 20 – Eric Yollick, a private citizen and Publisher of The Golden Hammer, announced at the final Commissioners Court meeting of 2016 that he was forming a Citizens Budget Committee (CBC) to prepare a proposed budget for Montgomery County for Fiscal Year 2018. “You have failed to address spending problems and you’ve mostly failed to listen,” Yollick told County Judge Craig Doyal and the four County Commissioners during a citizen comment near the conclusion of the meeting. “Therefore, a group is forming our own budget committee to do the work we elected you to do for us and that you won’t do,” Yollick added.

The CBC will include women and men from all four Commissioners Precincts. Yollick will serve as Chairman of the Committee while Bill O’Sullivan will serve as Vice-Chairman. The CBC will seek to present the Commissioners Court with a full line-by-line budget proposed for FY 2018 by the end of May, 2017, in order to provide Commissioners Court members with sufficient time to study the proposal before the County government’s formal budget hearings begin on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

The CBC will hold at least five meetings and conduct all deliberations under the Texas Open Meetings Act. CBC members will be prohibited from discussing budget issues with each other outside of open meetings of the full Committee or its subcommittees. The CBC will have four (4) working subcommittees which will also operate under the Open Meetings Act. All CBC meetings will be live via podcast and will also be available online through The Golden Hammer website, Notices for the meetings will also appear on that website as well and will be posted online at least seventy-two (72) hours before each meeting. The public will be invited to attend and participate in the meetings.

No committee members may be county employees, relatives of county employees, county vendors, or relatives or business associates of county vendors. For additional information, please contact Eric Yollick at 281.363.3591.



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