Citizen Wagner sounds alarm of value loss in Grogans Point due to flooding from poor County drainage planning

Citizen Wagner sounds alarm of value loss in Grogans Point due to flooding from poor County drainage planning

Image: Wayne Wagner, a resident of Grogans Point, in The Woodlands, addressed the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on plummeting home values as a result of flooding from poor drainage planning.

Conroe, June 13 – It’s not just homes in the pathway of the torrent of water that the San Jacinto River Authority exploded out of the Lake Conroe Dam around 2 a.m. on Monday, August 31, 2017, that have experienced severe flooding problems. As a result of terrible drainage planning, one of the few jobs for which the Montgomery County Commissioners Court is genuinely responsible as they approve plat after plat for development, the homeowners in the high-flying neighborhood of Grogans Point near Spring Creek are facing dramatic losses in the values of their homes.

Wayne Wagner of The Woodlands, who is an entrepreneur, movie producer, eccentric genius, and pilot, appeared before the Commissioners Court to make a citizen comment about the impact of flooding on Grogans Point. Wagner raised a number of issues about property taxation, fiscal conservatism, and the poor planning work of the Commissioners Court to prevent flooding of homes as residential development progresses.

Wagner’s full citizen comment follows:

“Hello my name is Wayne Wagner, and I live at 14 Bridle Oak, The Woodland TX 77380. In case you did not already know, the home prices in Grogans Point are plummeting.
“Last week the home at 238 Angel Leaf road sold for $500,000 less than the 2017 assessed value. This home did not flood and was on the market for one and a half years. Also, the home at 231 Angel Leaf road sold for about $500,000 below the 2016 assessed value.
“If I have to match this price per square foot to sell my home, I will be selling at one half of what I paid for the home 5 years ago and half of the assessed value.  My home at 14 Bridle Oak has been for sale for almost a year now and in the last year we have had only 4 showings.
“Why is this happening?  The deedback I am getting from people is that Grogans Point is no longer a safe place to live, because, during rain events, the only exit out of Grogans Point is Sawdust Road, and it will have about 3 feet of water running across it in the area of Panther Creek, cutting Grogans Point off from police, medical, fire, or preventing you from getting home to your family.
“There are a number of very simple solutions:
– 1) Raise Sawdust road in the very short section that floods over Panther Creek.
– 2) Complete Sawmill Road to Angel Leaf Road, providing a safe second entrance and exit during rain events when Grogan’s Point road is flooded also.
– 3) Complete Sawmill Road to Holzwarth Road with an entrance from Angle Leaf.
“Option 3 is the best, because it would also provide relief to the worst interchange we have in The Woodlands, the Sawdust at I-45 interchange. In addition, it would make Grogans Point one of the most desired areas in all of The Woodlands.
“Mr. Noack [Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack], in your campaign you talked about fiscal responsibility. So where is the fiscal responsibility to the home owners in Grogans Point that are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the value of their homes because of you?
“So do the math. 500 homes lose $500,000 in value equal to a 250 million dollar loss to the good people of Grogans Point. An $8 million dollars is lost in tax revenue per year.
“I personally feel that, because you have not raised Sawdust Road and have not connected Sawmill to Holzwarth Road with an intersection at Angel Leaf Road, you have cost me more than $1,000,000 in equity in my home.
“You need to put your personal issues with [Harris County] Commissioner [Jack] Cagle aside and build Sawmill Road to Holzwarth Road.”
Noack, who was absent from the Commissioners Court meeting, did not respond to a request for comment from The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.



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