Citizen information leads to three arrests in Magnolia by Precinct 5 Constable Jones’ Office

Seized contraband.

Magnolia, March 1 – On February 28, 2019, Deputies with the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable’s Department made contact with a homeowner at a residence in Magnolia on Pleasant Valley Road.  Deputies had received information that drugs were being sold and wanted fugitives were hiding out at the property.

Deputies pulled up to the address and met with 3 individuals in the front yard that were all exiting vehicles and quickly walking towards the mobile home as they pulled in.  The home owner came outside and identified himself as Robert Gurley (67).  Mr. Gurley was very cooperative with the Deputies and allowed them to enter his residence.

Robert Gurley.

While speaking with Mr. Gurley several drug paraphernalia items were observed in plain view.  Deputies asked Mr. Gurley if he had any weapons or illegal substances on his person and Mr. Gurley admitted to having Methamphetamine in his pocket.

After emptying his pockets it was found that Mr. Gurley was in possession of 2.9 grams of Methamphetamine as well as a small baggie of Marijuana.

Lynn Marsh.

While speaking with a female in the front yard who was identified as Lynn Marsh (36), Deputies were informed that Mrs. Marsh had 2 Felony warrants for her arrest for possession of illegal narcotics.  After detaining Mrs. Marsh she was also found to have 3.7 grams of Methamphetamine and 65 illegal pills in her possession.

David Cleboski.

Another male in the front yard gave Deputies a false name and identified himself as someone else.  After Deputies found 752 milliliters of Steroids, 29.1 grams of Marijuana, brass knuckles and a switchblade knife on his person he decided to let the Deputies know that his real name was David Cleboski (41) and that he had a felony warrant out of Harris County.  The three individuals were arrested, transported to Montgomery County Jail and released to jail personnel.

Constable Chris Jones commented, “The Precinct 5 Constable’s Office is thankful for the information that is being given to us from the great citizens in our community to help clean up the streets in Montgomery County. If you know of anyone selling illegal narcotics or storing stolen items at their residence please contact this office.  With your help and support we can continue to make Montgomery County a great place to live.”

If you are aware of any illegal activity please contact the Precinct 5 Constables Office at 281-259-6493 or visit our website CONSTABLE5.ORGto provide an anonymous tip.




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