CISD continues to have problem with anyone disagreeing, attempting to engage in meaningful discussion about spending

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Conroe Independent School District (CISD) continues to suffer from a basic problem: the administrative bureaucracy and many of its adherents refuse to engage in any meaningful discussion about its proposals to spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on unnecessary construction (per CISD’s own demographic study) and on bloated cost estimates pulled from the air on construction projects.

CISD Superintendent Curtis Null went all over the community giving secret political speeches between January and May to convince voters to vote for passage of CISD’s $807 million bond and tax hike. Nevertheless, Null absolutely refused to engage in any forum where others might speak to challenge what he said. Null refused even to appear on “It’s Hammer Time,” the show where Null would have the opportunity to defend his political advocacy in favor of the bond to a large community of local viewers.

Null made clear to groups, such as chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs, and many political groups that he would only appear by himself and without anyone to challenge him.

Now, the voters have spoken. Voters rejected the bond by a 54% to 46% vote this past Saturday, May 4, 2019. Nevertheless, CISD’s adherents continue to argue for the bond.

Yesterday, a Caney Creek High School history teacher by the name of Tracy Underwood issued what she termed a “rant” in which she complained about the voters and anyone else who wouldn’t accept CISD’s $807 million bond as a matter of faith.

Underwood tolerated a little bit of back and forth, until something terrible happened. Someone had the gall to post the following factual chart from the United States Department of Education (published during the Obama administration!) which shows that, while education spending, adjusted for inflation, has skyrocketed and the number of education employees has also skyrocketed during the past 40 years, educational outcomes have remained completely flat.

Here’s the chart:

After someone had the gall to publish this chart on Underwood’s rant, Underwood swiftly blocked the Publisher from the discussion.

Fundamentally, CISD has a problem. Citizens have come to realize that the school district’s mantra “it’s for the kids” is actually a complete and total lie. Spending by CISD isn’t “for the kids.” It’s for the bureaucrats. It’s for CISD’s vendors.

In reality, by increasing government taxation and spending massively, CISD has not improved educational outcomes for children. Rather, the school district has built a bureaucratic empire to the extreme pleasure of the vendors who love the tax dollars flowing into their pockets.



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