Christ outs former GOP Chairman Wilkerson’s sale of political signs for personal profit

Christ outs former GOP Chairman Wilkerson’s sale of political signs for personal profit
Image: This sign is one of the political signs former Republican Party Chairman Walter Wilkerson, Jr., sold for a personal profit to unsuspecting political supporters of President Donald Trump.
The Golden Hammer Staff Reports
Conroe, October 1 – Former Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr., has sold hundreds, if not thousands, of political signs at the GOP Headquarters in Conroe for a personal profit, several individuals close to the Party have confirmed. Rather than allowing the Republican Party to profit from the sale of pro-Trump political signs, Wilkerson has used the Party Headquarters to operate a business from which he personally takes the proceeds.
Wilkerson bought the signs for $3.50 each from the GOP Store in Huntsville and resold them to the general public from the Party Headquarters for $5.00 a piece.
The story unfolded when Republican Precinct Chair Ginger Russell went to the Republican Party Headquarters two weeks ago to purchase twenty (20) Trump for President political signs for $100.00. A lady volunteering at the Party Headquarters asked Russell to fill out a form for that amount, asked Russell for her personal information, and her occupation, as though the funds would fall under campaign finance reports. The lady asked Russell to make the check payable to “Montgomery County Republican Party.”
Late last week, Russell received a telephone call from Kristin Christ, the wife of newly-installed Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Bryan Christ. Kristin Christ asked Russell to come into the Party Headquarters again and pay Wilkerson personally, because, she told Russell, “Dr. Wilkerson is the one who purchased the signs and resells them for a profit.”
Russell contacted the owner of the GOP Store in Huntsville to ask whether he sold Wilkerson the signs and confirmed that Wilkerson purchased the signs for $3.50 each.
Russell chose to return the twenty signs and purchase the signs directly from the source.
Russell told The Golden Hammer, “I’m disgusted that Dr. Wilkerson would take advantage of President Trump’s supporters in this way and that he would use the GOP Headquarters as his personal storefront. I’m hopeful that the Republican Party will prohibit such conduct in the future.”
Wilkerson did not respond to a request for comment.



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