Childrens’ Hope PAC forms to oppose $807 million, plus interest, Conroe ISD bond package, tax hike

Childrens’ Hope PAC forms to oppose $807 million, plus interest, Conroe ISD bond package, tax hike

Image: We must fight for the hope of our children.

Conroe, February 22 – Childrens’ Hope PAC officially filed the legal paperwork on Thursday, February 21, 2019, to form as a specific purpose political committee to oppose the $807 million, plus interest, bond package and tax hike, which the Conroe Independent School District (CISD) is putting before the voters in a May 4, 2019, referendum. The Childrens’ Hope PAC formed with a diverse Board of Directors who include Conroe ISD parents and taxpayers who have joined together to present the facts to the citizens within the Conroe ISD why the proposed bond package does nothing to advance educational outcomes for children, while saddling children, their parents, and their neighbors with massive debt and a tax hike.

The bond package only seems to benefit the politicians on the CISD school board, the school district’s vendors, and the highly-paid administrative bureacracy.

The Board of Childrens’ Hope PAC issued the following statement yesterday afternoon:

“After closely examining the proposed $807 million, plus interest, bond package and tax hike, it’s abundantly clear to us as citizens:

  • Massive tax increase. CISD’s proposed bond package of $807 million, plus interest, will lead to a tax increase immediately, which is substantially higher than the deceptive statements of the CISD about its proposal, which the Superintendent and his political allies are presenting to the public and which will saddle the children of our community with debt long after they become adults;
  • Nothing to improve educational results. The $807 million bond package does absolutely nothing to improve educational outcomes for children within CISD, as CISD has admitted in writing, while that improvement should always be the singular goal and focus of any school district;
  • Unnecessary pork in bond package. The bond package contains unnecessary pork which should never fall within a long-term debt investment, such as tens of millions of dollars for turf at specially-chosen schools, more than a tenth of a billion dollars for maintenance expenses which proper district management should have included within operating budgets rather than bloated salaries to the administration, and strategic construction blunders;
  • Flawed demographic study. The demographic study upon which CISD has entirely based the $807 million tax hike contains deep flaws.”

“For the foregoing reasons, we believe CISD should cancel the bond election, start again from the drawing board, and include community representatives from diverse viewpoints regardless of race, religious creed, or political party. For example, CISD should have included on the initial facilities planning committee leaders from the local Republican Party, whom the Board and administration very obviously excluded.”

Childrens’ Hope PAC has indicated that it has developed a Speakers’ Bureau, which consists of a diverse team of individuals who will present factual information which reveals precisely why voters should reject the $807 million bond package for the children and for their parents and neighbors.

Jon Bouche, who is a Republican Precinct Chairman and Steering Committee member from the City of Oak Ridge North, said “any time a bond exceeds the GDP of several small countries, it deserves a high level of scrutiny from those expected to foot the bill.” Bouche is a member of the Childrens’ Hope PAC Board. Adrian Kaiser, an education expert who is running for the Magnolia ISD Board of Trustees, noted that the amount of the proposed bond is approximately 16.8% of the entire nominal GDP of the Togolese Republic and that the $807 million of additional debt exceeds the GDP of fifteen (15) current members of the United Nations.

Another Childrens’ Hope PAC Board member is Reagan Reed, the Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party. Reed told this newspaper, “The Republican Party stands strongly opposed to the $807 million CISD bond. Our government cannot continue to saddle our children with debt. We believe homeowners are taxed enough already, and the party will be working to defeat this massive tax hike.”

Longtime conservative Christian activist Betty Anderson said, “Personally, I have enough facts about this bond proposal to vote NO. I  have the tax bills I just paid to the CISD.”

The Childrens’ Hope PAC Board members would not acknowledge that there is an uneducated ruffian on the Board, but Operations Director Kelli Cook noted that the organization sought to achieve diversity.



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