Celebrating Captain Andrew Wertz and all of our military

Captain Andrew Wertz.

Captain Andrew P. Wertz, promoted from First Lieutenant today (!), served 7 years active duty as a paratrooper (173rd Airborne) in the United States Army. Wertz is a combat veteran of the War in Afghanistan, a Ranger and is now in the active reserves in New Orleans where he resides. 

He recently accepted a position as an onsite Sales Engineer at a local refinery on behalf of Baker Hughes, putting to good use his chemical engineering degree.

As we celebrate the July 4th holiday, let’s remember to appreciate the sacrifices that our military has made to protect us and the values we cherish.

Wertz’s parents live in The Woodlands. His father, John Wertz, is a well known conservative Christian political activist and a GOP Precinct Chairman.

Congratulations to Captain Wertz on his promotion. Congratulations to his parents as well on a job well done!



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