County vendor program director terminated after 4 days on job, AFC to face Commissioners Court

Conroe, October 10 – Sources inside Advocates for Families Crisis (AFC), the nonprofit law firm under a million dollar contract with Montgomery County to provide legal services in Child Protective Services parental termination cases, continues to face a crisis of its own, as the Board of Directors of the troubled group terminated former Assistant County Attorney […]

Establishment versus reform highlights news shorts – Texas Open Meetings criminal briefs, Magnolia area taxation without representation, Wilkerson fighting to keep anti-conservative control

Establishment versus reform highlights news shorts – Texas Open Meetings criminal briefs, Magnolia area taxation without representation, Wilkerson fighting to keep anti-conservative control

Image: Conservative activist Ginger Russell, a year or two ago, contemplating her future discussions with her friend Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley. Conroe and Magnolia, October 10 – These news stories may be short, but they’re important nonetheless. All three stories highlight the ongoing battle between the Montgomery County political “establishment” and reform efforts […]

EXTRA! EXTRA! CORRUPTION ALERT! Commissioners Court to vote for Tx-249 Tollway land deal tainted with corruption

EXTRA! EXTRA! CORRUPTION ALERT! Conroe, October 9 – Money ties to an Austin political consultant released from federal prison, to Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s legal defense fund, to a Minneapolis real estate developer that contributes thousands of dollars to Doyal’s campaign fund, and to San Antonio Rick Sheldon taint the right-of-way deal that Doyal […]

Tragic accident raises more concerns about Metts, media bias

New Caney, October 9 – If James Metts runs for Precinct 4 County Commissioner against incumbent County Commissioner Jim Clark, and wins, Metts might be the first Montgomery County Commissioner who ever killed a man. He’s already running, although he hasn’t yet announced. He’s a loyal lieutenant of the Davenport Ring and a newcomer to […]

Sunday Afternoon Extra! Montgomery County Commissioners Court to nominate two for Montgomery Central Appraisal District!

Conroe, October 8 – The Montgomery County Commissioners Court has four people whom it will seriously consider for nomination to the Montgomery Central Appraisal District (MCAD). A fifth person appears merely to be a “revenge nominee” of the angry Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley. The Court may nominate two individuals to the MCAD Board […]

Montgomery County Commissioners Court hurries to spend the rest of the tax dollars; final ratings for Fiscal Year 2017

Conroe, October 7 – At the final Commissioners Court meeting during Fiscal Year 2017, on September 26, 2017, the Montgomery County Commissioners Court hurried to spend the remaining tax dollars they hadn’t yet burned. Here are the ratings of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper. The cumulative ratings began on October 1, 2016, the […]

Montgomery County Government “For Sale!” Part 3: The ties that bind (CC – MCAD – CISD – SJRA – LSGCD)

Image: The Montgomery County Commissioners Court, Montgomery Central Appraisal District, Conroe ISD, San Jacinto River Authority, and Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District are tied together through the Four Big Spenders. If the citizens seek smaller government, lower government spending, and, as a result, lower taxes they must unbind themselves from the Six Big Spenders and […]

Mack’s deception about his upcoming campaign fundraiser even tricked the blog which attempts to compete with Montgomery County’s leading newspaper

Conroe, October 6 – It’s really quite pitiful. The Courier blog ran an attempted news story today that is a political first: they reported a campaign fundraiser for a candidate running for re-election, Wayne Mack the King of Deception, as though it is some sort of motivational event! It’s starting to appear that the Commissioners […]

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