Candidate Comparison Chart for Precinct 4 County Commissioner Election, May 22 Republican Runoff

County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Candidate Forum, January 11, 2018. In front of a large crowd of citizens, mostly from Precinct 4, Commissioner Jim Clark and MCHD Director Bob Bagley spoke. JP James Metts failed to attend. Metts’ empty chair is to the right.

New Caney, May 7 – The comparison chart between Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark and his challenger, JP James Metts, provides stark differences between the two men. While Metts refused ever to appear at a candidate forum – other than one event where the candidates could give rehearsed stump speeches – it is still possible to piece together the positions of the candidates and their backgrounds from other public statements they’ve made.

The full comparison chart follows.



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