Brilliant trial attorney Grady James leaves legacy of brilliant daughters, amazing career

Brilliant trial attorney Grady James leaves legacy of brilliant daughters, amazing career

Image: Conroe attorney Grady James (left) and his daughter Jamie Bone (right) in 2013.

Conroe, August 9 – The Conroe legal community is in shock after the passing of brilliant and popular trial attorney Grady James, who died on August 3 at the age of 70. James leaves behind a legacy of three brilliant daughters and an amazing legal career.

James focused on family law during most of his legal career. He had a strong reputation as a trial lawyer in divorces and child custody cases whom other lawyers feared and whom the judiciary greatly respected.

James was born in Jasper County, Texas on September 16, 1947. He graduated from Lamar University and attended St. Mary’s Law School. James is one of the few lawyers who had passed the State Bar Examination before he graduated from law school, so his graduated and his licensure as a Texas attorney occurred at the same time in December, 1973.

Just being around James was an experience. Juries loved him and appreciated how well he always prepared his cases in front of them. He could perfectly balance legal precedent with the necessity of crafting new arguments that led the law into new areas. If you wanted to hear amazing histories of the Montgomery County Courthouse, you’d sit in Judge Jim Keeshan’s chambers listening to James, his close friend Duane Corley, and Keeshan spin them.

James had strong opinions about the law and the judiciary. He once told the Publisher of this newspaper that he just wish judges would let lawyers try their cases so that litigants feel as thought they got a fair day in court. With James, a great advocate, his clients almost always got their more than fair day in court.

James loved to hunt, fish, and sit around talking with his friends. He loved going to court and he clearly loved everything about trials and hearings. A renowned law enforcement officer, who is a regular reader of The Golden Hammer, asked this newspaper to add, “He also had one of the coolest gun collections that I’ve ever been a witness to.”

Despite his great professional accomplishments, however, the greatest verdict James ever achieved was his three daughters, Diana McGrath, District Judge Jennifer Robin, and Jamie Bone. All three of his daughters have nice families, successful careers, and commitment to their communities. James had nine grandchildren and many other family members as well as hundreds of friends who will sorely miss him.

Even at the most serious moments in the courtroom, there was always a twinkle in Grady James’ eye. That twinkle was intellectual brilliance mixed with vast common sense. He leaves that legacy behind in his three children, his nine grandchildren, and the hundreds of legal professionals who benefitted from his kind heart, incredible knowledge, and lightning-fast wit.

James funeral service will be today, Thursday, August 9, 2018, at 1 p.m., at First Baptist Church, 600 North Main Street, in Conroe.



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