BREAKING: Something for nothing: Conroe ISD to give students who do nothing 49% grades rather than 0s

BREAKING: Something for nothing: Conroe ISD to give students who do nothing 49% grades rather than 0s


The Woodlands and Conroe, August 9 – Seeing that educational outcomes at Conroe Independent School District (CISD) are not improving, the school district’s money-hungry administration has implemented a new policy to make students appear to perform better academically.

Teachers at CISD high schools have received instructions – verbally, but not in writing – that they may no longer give zeroes to students who don’t turn in their homework. The lowest grade CISD teachers may give is a 49% out of 100%.

Great conservative leader Jon Bouche, who is one of the leading fighters for improved educational outcomes in the CISD and who was a leader in the successful fight to defeat the anti-education $807 million bond referendum on May 4, which would have diverted hundreds of millions of dollars away from education and into the hands of greedy CISD vendors and bureaucrats, provided the tip to The Golden Hammer about this breaking news story. This newspaper confirmed the story through three teachers at different CISD schools who regularly provide information to Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal from the aggressive school district administration.

Just this morning, after the first edition of this article came out for publication, a former Knox Junior High School teacher announced publicly on social media that “I worked at Knox Junior High in the early 2000’s and was told by my principal that if my students weren’t turning in their homework I should stop assigning it…because my students’ grades were too low.”

In early June, 2019, the Children at Risk foundation, a renowned public policy foundation dedicated to improving educational outcomes in public education, issued its Annual Rankings. Very sadly, as CISD focuses on increasing administration salaries and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ignored maintenance expenses, turf, dance floors, mirrors for dance floors, an air soft gun range, curtains for elementary school stages, paying $150 million to refurbish Conroe High School without adding one seat for additional students and without improving educational outcomes one iota, CISD’s rankings are embarrassingly low.

Sadly, CISD’s Board of Trustees merely accepts the terrible educational outcomes, because the Board merely nods its head and approves every PowerPoint presentation which Superintendent Curtis Null and his team of overpaid bureaucrats spoon-feed them.

Two of the teachers who spoke with The Golden Hammer last night stated that school district administrators have expressed the hope that their Children at Risk rankings and other objective rankings of the school district may improve by raising scores for children who turn in no work at all.

The school district is proposing a substantially higher Fiscal Year 2020 Budget, which will raise taxes on CISD taxpayers, despite some countervailing benefits of the statewide property tax reform measure passed in the Texas Legislature. The Citizens Budget Committee’s August 6, 2019, Report as well as the school district’s own budget documents reveal that the district is not increasing funds for children’s instruction at all in the proposed budget for the coming Fiscal Year.

The school district has acknowledged that approximately 11% of graduating students are unable to read or perform simple mathematical computations.

Children at Risk is based in Houston but originally opened its offices in North Texas in 2011 after the Rainwater Foundation started the highly-respected nonprofit organization.

The following are Children at Risk’s ratings of educational outcomes in the Conroe ISD schools:

High Schools. Average High School Rating = B-

  • Caney Creek HS, D+
  • College Park HS, B+
  • Conroe HS, C-
  • Oak Ridge HS, B+
  • The Woodlands HS, A-

Middle Schools. Average Middle School Rating = B+

  • Irons JH, B+
  • Knox JH, A
  • McCullough JH, A+
  • Moorhead JH, C
  • Peet JH, B
  • Washington JH, B-
  • York JH, A-.

Elementary Schools = B-

  • Anderson Elementary, C+
  • Armstrong Elementary, C
  • Austin Elementary, C+
  • Birnham Woods Elementary, A-
  • Bozman Intermediate, B-
  • Bradley Elementary, C+
  • Broadway Elementary, A
  • Buckalew Elementary, A
  • Bush Elementary, A+
  • Collins Intermediate, A+
  • Cox Intermediate, A-
  • Creighton Elementary, C-
  • Cryar Elementary, C-
  • David Elementary, A
  • Deretchin Elementary, A+
  • Ford Elementary, B+
  • Galatas Elementary, A+
  • Giesinger Elementary, B-
  • Glen Loch Elementary, C
  • Grangerland Intermediate, D+
  • Hailey Elementary, B-
  • Houser Elementary, C
  • Houston Elementary, F
  • Kaufman Elementary, B+
  • Lamar Elementary, B
  • Milam Elementary, D+
  • Mitchell Intermediate, A+
  • Oak Ridge Elementary, B-
  • Patterson Elementary, B-
  • Powell Elementary, A
  • Reaves Elementary, B
  • Rice Elementary, C+
  • Ride Elementary, A
  • Runyan Elementary, C-
  • San Jacinto Elementary, C-
  • Snyder Elementary, A+
  • Stewart Elementary, B+
  • Tough Elementary, A+
  • Travis Intermediate, C+
  • Vogel Intermediate, B
  • Wilkerson Elementary, B
  • Wilkinson Elementary, C

Children at Risk has ranked schools based upon data from the past twelve years but the 2019 ratings are current data only. The foundation takes great care only to measure academic success by taking data from the Texas Education Agency on Student Achievement, Student Growth (increases in achievement over time), and College Readiness.



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