BREAKING NEWS: Woodlands Township director John Brown questions wisdom of 1200 Timberloch “implosion”

Woodlands Township Director John Brown.

The Woodlands, March 11 – Woodlands Township Director John Brown made clear today that he questions the wisdom of the “implosion” of 1200 Timberloch, also known as Timberloch Tower, an 11-story office building in The Woodlands. See “Better Even Than Throwing a Watermelon from a High Place: Officials Announce Coming Implosion of Woodlands’ Timberloch Tower,” (The Golden Hammer, March 10, 2017).

Brown explained, “This project, which I’ve been questioning since I knew about it three weeks ago, shouldn’t have been approved by the DSC [Development Standards Committee], in my opinion. There is no need to ‘implode’ this type of structure. Anadarko is not building anything for a while so timing is not an issue. It is all about money because it cheaper and quicker to implode than the time it would take to do it with a wrecking ball, like they did with the parking garage.”

It turns out that originally, Anadarko Petroleum had set the implosion for a weekday, but Brown had questioned the wisdom of doing so, since no business or residents had received notice of the spectacular event. Brown added, “Is it cool to watch an imploded structure? Sure. I watched my favorite stadium, Veterans Stadium, home to the Phillies/Eagles, become a memory this way. By the way, if they were smart it would be great to auction off pressing the plunger! I got a couple people willing to pay to push the button.”

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, hereby offers to give a $1,000.00 contribution to the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter if the Publisher of that esteemed publication may “push the button” for the implosion, or, delegate the rights to do so.

Anadarko’s plan is to sit on the property for future development.



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