BREAKING NEWS! Willis Council member Young-Hector charged with Tampering with a Government Document

Willis City Council member Tamara Young-Hector, charged with Tampering with a Governmental Record.

Conroe and Willis, June 24 –

On May 23, 2019, Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation regarding allegations of tampering with a government document. This investigation began after a person affected by this incident reported to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office that a protective order was applied for in Montgomery County by someone who was not in fact the actual person requesting the protective order. Through detailed investigation, a person suspected of falsifying the governmental document was identified as Tamara Young-Hector (black female) 49 years of age from Willis, Texas.

During the investigation, the defendant was captured on a surveillance video system entering the Montgomery County District Clerk’s Office on May 21, 2019, which is the date of the offense. Further electronic evidence revealed that Young-Hector was also at or near the District Clerk’s office at the time of this offense. Detectives interviewed numerous witnesses and collected additionalpieces of evidence and presented the case to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Officefor review. A warrant was subsequently issued for tampering with a governmental document via Associate District Judge Paul Damico.

Tamara Young-Hector is a current City Council member for the City of Willis Texas however, it was determined during the investigation that Young-Hector was not acting in an official capacity as a member of the City of Willis Council during the alleged offense.

On June 20, 2019, Tamara Young-Hector turned herself in at the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and has been charged with Tampering with a Government Document/State Jail Felony. Young-Hector has since bonded out.

This newspaper asked Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Scott Spencer why Young-Hector went through booking in Walker County. Lieutenant Spencer explained, “When she found out she had a warrant out for her arrest she went to Walker County to be arrested on the warrant. The bond had been set by the Judge already and was on the warrant. I’m sure we both can assume why she went there versus turning herself in to the detectives or at our Jail.”



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