BREAKING NEWS: Four reasons why the Courier blog is no longer a newspaper, plus a great pic of a Stephanne Davenport political sign

BREAKING NEWS: Four reasons why the Courier blog is no longer a newspaper, plus a great pic of a Stephanne Davenport political sign

Poetic Image: Only County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport may install a political sign where Phonoscope has buried fiber optic cable in downtown Conroe, because (1) she’s married to the head of the Davenport Ring Marc Davenport who procured Phonoscope’s installation of an entire deep fiber optic cable system throughout the Montgomery County government without proper Commissioners Court approval, (2) her husband Marc Davenport ordered County Judge Craig Doyal, the IT Department, and the Purchasing Department to allow the Phonoscope installation to proceed under his direction and supervision, (3) Phonoscope’s CEO Lee Cook is Stephanne Davenport’s largest political contributor, and (4) County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport has control over Doyal as County Judge because she is the nepotistic boss of Doyal’s daughter to whom she gave a job in the County Treasurer’s Department.

Conroe, February 18 – The Courier blog has done it again! They’ve revealed why they’re no longer a newspaper but merely a blog struggling to compete against Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, TheGolden Hammer. In two editorials over the past few days, the Courier blog revealed why they’ve lost newspaper status: fear.

County Judge non-endorsement

The Courier blog announced they wouldn’t endorse in the electoral contest for Montgomery County Judge, despite the terrible record of incumbent Craig Doyal and the strong conservative record as a reformer of State Representative Mark Keough who has issued his “Contract with Montgomery County” to clean up the “establishment” mess in the Montgomery County government.

Joan Crawford portraying the Courier blog’s Andy Dubois at the moment he realizes he has to write the truth about Craig Doyal and the Davenports.

In order to save readers of The Golden Hammer some time, we’ve decided to provide a quick summary and translation of the Courier blog’s non-endorsement editorial from Courier editor andy dubois:

“Mark Keough is a great guy who has some super ideas or reform. Craig Doyal lied to all of us four years ago and made a mess of the County Judge’s Office and the Commissioners Court ever since. He’s under criminal indictment and would be removed from office for ‘official misconduct’ if convicted. Nevertheless, CHIEF OF STAFF JIM FREDRICKS (notice the use of all caps since this translation is what the Courier blog would write) was my boss and he still tells Catherine Dominguez what to write, and JIM would be unemployed and unemployable if Doyal loses, so we’ll sit on our hands and do nothing by way of endorsement, because we’re afraid to do anything else. By the way, Mr. Yollick, do you have any jobs available for us?”

andy’s illogic

So the courier blog’s andy dubois hasn’t endorsed Doyal but he has endorsed JP James Metts. In dubois’ thinking, Doyal is even worse than Metts.

The hidden gem in the endorsement for Melanie Pryor Bush for Montgomery County Treasurer

One of the biggest news stories the Courier blog has uncovered is the fact that corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport has reviewed the County Treasurer’s Office procedures manual that his wife, embattled and corrupt County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, has withheld from the citizens by claiming it’s exempt from disclosure under the Texas Open Records Act. As even the Courier noted, by showing the document to her husband who is not a County employee, the County Treasurer has waived any exception to disclosure to the rest of the public.

The blog is obviously afraid of the Davenports, so they hid that major story inside a mundane endorsement of Bush. They also tried to help Stephanne Davenport out by burying in the middle of the story that the corrupt County Treasurer is so unqualified that she even showed up to the Courier’s endorsement interview with Marc Davenport who did most of the talking.


Unbelievably, the Courier blog has never reported anything about the Phonoscope scandal involving the Davenport Ring’s direction of two County Departments with respect to the installation of a deep fiber optic cable system throughout Montgomery County buildings and rights-of-way, the fact that Marc Davenport has ordered County Judge Craig Doyal to allow the installation, or the fact that Davenport has sought investors for a REIT to profit from private extensions of cable service into municipalities, homeowners associations, and real estate developments off of the Phonoscope trunk line.

It’s a giant issue of a non-elected, non-County employee directing major policies of the County government and a corrupt County Judge Craig Doyal helping the corrupt local political boss at every step of the way.

Shame on the Courier blog for keeping it hush.



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