BREAKING NEWS! Township Director Sekula-Gibbs sends out false text blast with threats of Woodlands Parkway widening, median destruction


Howard Hughes Corporation President Jim Carman.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, October 19 – In a desperate ploy to scare Woodlands residents into voting for incorporation of The Woodlands as a city government, Woodlands Township Director Shelley Sekula-Gibbs sent out a text message blast to thousands of Woodlands voters today claiming that a Howard Hughes Corporation executive has confirmed that the Montgomery County government plans to eliminate wooded medians on Woodlands Parkway in order to accommodate more traffic on that road.

This newspaper has confirmed that Sekula-Gibbs’ text was entirely fictitious and false. There is no factual basis to her statements whatsoever.

The specific text of Sekula-Gibbs text message was:

“HHC exec confirmed that MoCo plans to eliminate wooded medians to widen WPX

“Freedom from HHC/MoCo

“Vote for Prop A/B”

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, therefore, interviewed Jim Carman, President of Howard Hughes Corporation this afternoon on that specific topic.

The first question to Carman was, “Is Howard Hughes Corporation planning or is Montgomery County’s government planning to eliminate the wooded medians to widen Woodlands Parkway?”

Carman answered forthrightly, “No it’s ridiculous. It’s indicative of the desperation. For an elected official to straight up make things up, it’s pretty terrible.”

Carman also explained that he worked with Precinct 3 Montgomery County James Noack to replat the western terminus of Woodlands Parkway at F.M. 2978, so that it would be commercial property to “take the extension off of it forever,” in Carman’s words. Carman elaborated, “We consider that a big win for The Woodlands.”

Carman reiterated, “There are no plans to widen Woodlands Parkway. It’s not an issue.”

On social media, Sekula-Gibbs and some of her pro-incorporation political allies also tried to take a hypothetical question posed to Noack at a forum on September 23, 2021, at the South Community Center. When asked about the now dead proposal to extend Woodlands Parkway to F.M. 249, Noack responded, “Chairman Bunch is right and I am glad that you admit now that that roadway is not going to touch the boundaries of The Woodlands Township, and, with that being said, that means that there is nothing that this county, or this city, could do if you were to incorporate. That project, is it going to bring traffic into The Woodlands? Absolutely. But guess what? There’s a lot of things that we are going to be doing to make sure that we mitigate that. If that road opens up and we start to see the traffic coming in, we’re going to end up having to widen Woodlands Parkway. We’re making changes to our signalization, right now to improve better functioning of the signals and move traffic more efficiently through the community.”

In other words, as Noack said that night, and as he confirmed to The Golden Hammer this afternoon, “We have no plans whatsoever to widen Woodlands Parkway right now. We just finished widening it about two years ago. Traffic generally flows very well on Woodlands Parkway, so there’s nothing to fix.”




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