BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer terminates Yollick as Publisher, appoints Cook

BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer terminates Yollick as Publisher, appoints Cook

Conroe, Friday, September 13 – The Board of Directors and the Editorial Board of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, have terminated Founder and Publisher Eric Yollick as the Publisher, effective Monday, September 16, 2019. The Board appointed Kelli Cook of Willis as the Publisher.

The Board named Cook as Chair of the Board and President of Malleus Aureus Company, the owner of this newspaper, last Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Cook said, “The newspaper needs to take a different direction. We appreciate Eric’s service as Publisher, but he’s become a little soft in his reporting and editorial direction. Our readers expect The Golden Hammer to be more hard hitting as a leading voice for conservatives fighting for greater freedom and liberty from government spending, taxation, and regulation.”

Cook hails from Vernal, Utah, where she graduated from Uintah High School. She is Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty, Montgomery County Republican Party Finance Chair, Chair of the Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC, a Director of the Children’s Hope PAC, and Co-Chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party’s Victory 2020 Steering Committee, among other pursuits. Cook is a rancher. She also raises chickens.

“We wish Eric Yollick the best in his future endeavors,” Cook added. Yollick’s last stories in The Golden Hammer will appear in the Monday edition of the newspaper.

Cook explained that the newspaper will continue to publish original content without any byline, as most stories contain multiple staff contributions. The publication will continue to identify and honor guest writers.

Yollick declined to comment on his termination. He did, however, insist that he intends to remain active in local politics. “It’s possible I’ll have more time for LEGO construction projects,” Yollick said. Yollick also explained, “I work about 80 hours per week practicing law and also spend several hours every week on a variety of business activities.”

This newspaper asked Yollick to identify his favorite information sources: “Everyone knows one of my best friends and sources was the great Marie Moore. There is one retired County employee who was an amazing source of information but that person is still alive, so I will protect her identity. There are also about two hundred current County employees and about two dozen employees of other governmental entities whom I greatly appreciate and very much adore. I have enormous respect for all of the peace officers and support staff in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies. Thanks to all of those super people as well as to the readers.”

Sources and readers may continue to use the newspaper’s encrypted and secure email address – – to provide confidential information and tips and to ask questions.



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