BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer exclusive: Texas Attorney General Paxton comes out swinging against Gohmert’s desperate claims of coming indictment

BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer exclusive: Texas Attorney General Paxton comes out swinging against Gohmert’s desperate claims of coming indictment

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The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin and McKinney, February 9 – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has come out swinging against Congressman Louie Gohmert who has recently begun to spread rumors that Paxton will suffer an indictment from an investigation into his dealings with Austin real estate developer Nate Paul. Gohmert has attempted to fool likely Republican Primary Election voters that Paxton faces the legal problem and would, therefore, have a difficult time winning re-election against a Democrat in the November, 2022, General Election.

Nothing could be further from reality.

In an exclusive interview with The Golden Hammer, Paxton said, “Any accusation by Louie Gohmert about the Office of the Attorney General is patently false, and this ridiculous implication made by him is nothing more than a desperate attempt to deceive Texas Primary voters from a struggling opponent. He is clearly relying on lies, scare tactics, and intimidation to win his votes, not principles or credentials – both of which he clearly lacks.”

In response to the specific rumors Gohmert has spread, Paxton, who is one of the most successful and effective Attorneys General in Texas history, added, “The fact that he’d stoop to such an embarrassing and low level speaks volumes about the campaign he’s running and the lack of respect he clearly has for the very voters he’s trying to win over.”

The Nate Paul investigation

Since October, 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has conducted an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing related to Austin real estate developer Nate Paul, Paxton, and others. Nothing has happened to suggest that anything will come of the investigation.

Congressman Louie Gohmert, February 6, 2022.

Now, what’s interesting is that Gohmert of all people has begun a whispering campaign suggesting that an indictment of Paxton is about to occur. Gohmert has never identified the source of his knowledge. During an interview on Sunday, February 6, 2022, Gohmert, referring to Paxton, said, “He’s about to get indicted after the primary in all likelihood…”

Gohmert has long been a critic of the professionalism of the FBI. In a now infamous exchange, Gohmert accused the entire agency as well FBI agent Peter Strzok of unprofessionalism in July, 2018, during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. In May, 2021, Gohmert accused the FBI of acting with political motivation with respect to the January 6 protests at the United States Capitol.

Nevertheless, now Gohmert wants to claim he has some sort of political connection with the FBI – or at least with a seer – that permits him to predict an indictment of Paxton after the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary Election. Actually, Gohmert seems to have no basis at all for the accusation.

It all appears to be little more than politics, as political opponents have tried to level similar charges against Paxton through the past two election cycles, all with no real basis to them whatsoever.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Collin County criminal case

Author and attorney Mark Pulliam said on social media on February 4, “The GOP primary in Texas is next month. Attorney General Ken Paxton, the best state AG [attorney general] in the country, faces a field of unworthy challengers. The ‘securities fraud’ indictment is laughably baseless. I laid out the facts in a four-part series for” The American Spectator. Pulliam wrote a superb four-part series entitled “Prosecutorial Collusion in the Fourth Estate: Anatomy of a Witch Hunt” in that publication in January, 2018, in which he laid out in enormous detail why the prosecution against Paxton emanating out of a special prosecutor appointed in Collin County had no legal basis whatsoever.

That case has now pended for six years. The prosecutors denied Paxton the right to a trial by jury of his peers in Collin County by moving the case to Harris County, because prosecutors believed – incredibly – that the State of Texas could not get a fair trial in conservative Collin County, Texas.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have clearly violated another fundamental right of Paxton’s by failing to bring the case to trial in those six years: the right to a speedy trial under Article I, Section 10, of the Texas Constitution, and under the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Gohmert didn’t respond to a request for comment.





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