BREAKING NEWS! Texans for Fiscal Responsibility endorses Keough, Bays in Montgomery County races


Kristin Bays of Conroe, candidate for 284th District Court of Montgomery County.

Conroe, January 5 – Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the political arm of Empower Texans, one of the largest conservative, pro-free markets grassroots organizations in Texas, has endorsed State Representative Mark Keough for Montgomery County Judge and Kristin Bays for 284th District Court Judge.


Keough has a strong conservative voting record in his two terms as a Republican State Representative representing a large portion of Montgomery County. In his County Judge campaign, Keough has entered into a “Contract with Montgomery County” in which Keough has assured Montgomery County citizens:


“a. I will work to reduce the tax rate of the county to account for increases in total property values throughout the county. Appraisal goes up, rate should come down.

“b. I will eliminate wasteful spending in our budget and ensure budget growth stays at or below population growth plus inflation.

“c. I will return any funds that are non-contingency related or are not carried over for unfinished projects to the tax payers via reduction in tax rates.

d. I will ensure that the spending of public money will be related to the core functions of county government.”

Keough has said recently that he believes $20 million could be cut in non-law enforcement spending from the Montgomery County government’s annual expenditures without any reduction in County services.


Bays has been actively involved in the Republican Party as a staunch conservative for many years. In her campaign for the 284th District Court, Bays has discussed two major fiscal issues related to the duties of the 284th District Court Judge.

First, Bays has stressed that the Board of District Judge should place greater emphasis on the duty of the District Judges to oversee the selection and work of the Montgomery County Auditor. Bays has said that District Judges should take an ongoing role in the audit function of the County government, as Chapter 111 of the Texas Local Government Code mandates.

Second, Bays has stressed efficient court operations and judicial economy with respect to the manner in which she proposes to administer the 284th District Court, if elected.

Bays said, “I am so incredibly honored by Empower Texans’ endorsement today. They are a first-rate organization that empowers Texans to practice effective citizenship. That they consider me worthy of their endorsement is both flattering and humbling.”

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and its affiliated group, Empower Texans, emphasize fiscal conservativism, meaning reducing government spending and the size of government as principle tenets for their organizations.



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